Special “Gay-Friendly” Hotel Offers by World Rainbow Hotels

"Gay-Friendly" Hotel Offers by World Rainbow Hotels

When booking hotels, online or through agencies, there are dozens of options to help you refine your search – location, services, number of stars, other guests’ recommendations. A new way of selecting the best stay is now available – Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT)-friendly hotels. So now, instead of searching for travel guides and Internet sites that specify which hotels are gay-friendly, agencies and corporate bookers will search for this specific category through GDS (global distribution system – a computer reservation system for hotel bookings).

World Rainbow Hotels’s plan is to introduce the first ever GLBT-specific rate-codes that will be bookable on the GDS, as well as a selection of websites. Their team will also handle promotion tasks to make the new rate-codes known to travel agents and corporate bookers, enabling them to offer their clients GLBT-welcoming accommodation, carefully selected through a strict set of criteria.

“It is not enough just to say an establishment is “Gay-welcoming”. GLBT consumers should be able to have reassurance that hotel staff understands their travel concerns and how to meet them,” said Mark Lewis, Managing Director at HotelREZ, who is launching the World Rainbow Hotels program.

To be accepted into World Rainbow Hotels rate program, hotels need to make sure their staff undertakes a “GayComfort” training online to learn how to properly welcome GLBT guests.

“As a global leader in LGBT marketing for two decades, Out Now has witnessed the increasing importance of strategic partnerships in effective marketing outreach to the LGBT communities. We are delighted to work with HotelREZ to provide our industry-leading training software GayComfort to their World Rainbow Hotels audience. This partnership is another way that the global LGBT tourism industry is learning how to deliver on its promise to LGBT customers by implementing customer service that meets – and increasingly exceeds – the LGBT consumer’s travel needs and expectations,” said Ian Johnson, Founder and CEO of Out Now Consulting, who will be facilitating the online training.

World Rainbow Hotels is also actively seeking new partnerships with GLBT travel industry associations, media and bookers to help them promote their new project.

“We’re excited about our new partnership with World Rainbow Hotels, which perfectly complements IGLTA’s efforts to work with businesses around the globe that truly welcome gay travelers,” added John Tanzella, President/CEO of  IGLTA, a global organization dedicated to connecting businesses in the LGBT tourism industry. “Creating a hotel booking process that is more in tune with our community’s needs can only lead to a better LGBT travel experience overall.”

The official press release did not disclose which online booking websites will be adopting this system. But I hope it either gets implemented in all major online booking websites, or that they create their own tag or special category to make things easier for those who like to plan their travels on their own.