South West Travel: How to get the most out of this corner of the UK

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As we all know, the UK is something of a tourist hotspot. As we also all know, most of these tourists flock to London.

Of course, this won’t raise many eyebrows. After all, this is the city where most people land – so it almost stands to reason that they are going to stay there. Then, when you factor in the countless attractions, it almost becomes a no-brainer why London is a hotspot.

However, it’s a huge oversight to believe that there’s nothing else to the UK other than London. The South West and South of England have loads of great places to explore, and for the purpose of today we are going to home in on this area and look at why you need to visit.

Getting there

As we have already alluded to, most of you will probably be landing in London. It means that we will talk about how you can get to the South West and South from the capital.

Of course, the South West makes up quite a large area. Bristol grabs the headlines, as it’s one of the major cities that sits in this part of the country, but the area stretches as far as Plymouth and Torquay which sit right on the coast. Your choice of destination will naturally depend on what you want to get out of this trip, with the latter two suggestions at least providing you the option to sample a UK seaside holiday.

Regardless of where you choose, there are a few options. If you can grab a deal, both Bristol and Exeter have airports that might be worth considering.

However, most people will opt for the train or coach. The former is probably the most convenient, as you’ll tend to find that there are multiple departures per hour. The coach meanwhile isn’t quite as frequent but can be a really cost-effective (albeit sometimes long) solution – particularly as all of the London airports have major coach hubs.

Staying there

As you might have gathered, hotel prices in the South West don’t tend to be a lot cheaper than those you’d find in the capital.

Hotels in the cities can be pretty popular at weekends; Bristol, with loads to see and do, falls into this category for the simple reason that a lot of people look to take advantage of its vibrant Friday and Saturday evenings.

However, while you will see a few small weekend price rises in some cities, in general it’s nothing that’s going to blow your budget out of the water.

Hotels and hostels are both readily available but like every destination, make sure you book in advance for the best deal.

What should you do there?

As we have already said, the South West covers quite a big area and there’s no one-fits-all answer to this question.

In short, you shouldn’t be worried about things to do. Whether you are traveling for a couple of days or a week, you’ll be able to fill up your itinerary quite easily.

In Bristol it might be the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge, while if you dive into the depths of the South West you could consider one of the stunning National Parks. Then, there are the seaside destinations, but we really urge you to determine what you want to get out of your trip, before then planning how you will navigate your way around the region.