Ryanair sells seats to musical instruments

Ryanair sells seats to musical instruments

When low cost isn’t that low…

Two music students and their tutor, flying to Stansted to perform a Bach concert, were requested by the Irish airline staff to purchase extra seats for their musical instruments. Their violin cases, although small enough to fit in an overhead locker, were bigger than the permitted size of 55cms by 40cms by 20cms.

As they could not risk damaging their 18th century violins, worth up to £800,000 each, Agnes Langer, Igor Tsinman and Prof Anne Shih were obliged to pay for extra seats. Prof Shih’s Guarnerius violin, Igor’s rare Sanctus Serafin and the Testore instrument played by Agnes were carefully strapped in their own seats for the entire flight.

The concert organizer, Norfolk Concerts, reluctantly paid for the additional expenses but intends to take legal action against the budget airline for breach of contract. Executive director Douglas Gowan claims Ryanair had agreed the instruments would be exempt from the hand luggage limit when the tickets were booked a month ago.

Note to self: if I ever start taking music lessons, I should NOT opt for harpsichord. Maybe harmonica…