Ryanair Flight to Spain Hit by Students’ Protest over Fees

Did you ever think an air carrier fees for baggage could start a mutiny? It happened on a Ryanair flight in Spain where about a 100 students got tired of paying extra for their bags and told the airline representatives exactly what they thought about it. The police had to take action and remove the angry students that were getting ready to embark on a flight in the Canary Islands, the Lanzarote airport, heading to Charleroi in Belgium.

According to the Irish Examiner quoted by USA Today,

“Anger erupted on the (Saturday) flight to Charleroi in Belgium after a passenger was stopped at the boarding gate and asked to pay extra for a piece of (over)-sized luggage he was carrying.
When the passenger objected, friends who had already passed through the gate came to his defense and scores more joined in as the dispute escalated.”

After the flight’s pilot blew the whistle on the incident, the police removed all 168 passengers. Only 64 were then allowed to re-board the flight. A Ryanair statement confirms the circumstances of the “mutiny”:

“Lanzarote police required the entire aircraft be offloaded, each passenger identified. Following further disruptive behavior, the police required for security reasons that this entire group be refused travel.”