Survey: Pets Influence Owners’ Travel Planning

Pets Influence Owners’ Travel Planning

According to a survey conducted on 7,000 pet owners pets share holidays with their masters.

According to holiday travels are often shared by pets and masters alike. The company’s first annual Holiday Pet Travel Survey polled more than 7,000 pet owners worldwide about their holiday travel plans. It found that 63 percent of pet owners travel at least 50 miles with their pets during the holidays.

85% of the survey subject say that pets influence their choice of destination and distance, and keep their trips local. Also, pets influence their choice of accommodation, most owners going for pet friendly hotels or lodging with relatives.

However the length of the trip is less affected by pets, as more then half of the surveyed pet owners say their companions do not influence the length of their travel arrangements..

The majority (71 percent) of the survey subjects stated that they bring pets along “because pets are part of the family and should be with the rest of the family during holiday occasions.” From all of the travelling companions, dogs appear to be the most popular ones.

Pets Influence Owners’ Travel Planning

Travelling with pets can be challenging, as owners encounter quite a few difficulties during their trips, the biggest one of them being protecting their pets from stress. Finding pet-friendly airlines was the second biggest challenge.