Packing On A Vacation: Hacks For New Tourists


Vacation is a wonderful time! However, it’s overshadowed by packing, which can take several hours; after all, you need to take everything you need with you. So today we want to tell you how to pack a suitcase correctly, without spending a lot of time and without forgetting a single necessary thing.

According to research, about a third of the things taken on a trip isn’t used by travelers. At the same time, for example, UK residents pay almost half a million pounds a year for overweight luggage! This sum can be compared to the sums earned by those who create a Hellspin login and play regularly. So, it’s useful to know how to properly pack a suitcase. It will help make it lighter and not cause you to spend extra money due to the overload.

How to Properly Pack a Suitcase: The Preparatory Stage

The first thing you need to do is make a list of everything you’ll take with you. You cannot do this on the day of the collection because you risk finding that your favorite shirt should be washed, sandals must be repaired, and your swimsuit must be replaced with a new one because the old one became too small for you or turned into an anti-trend. You can’t figure out how to pack a suitcase unless you know exactly what you need to pack in it.

The list can and should be adjusted. Are you sure you’ll need five T-shirts, not two? Maybe a swimming noodle isn’t worth bringing at all. Are you sure you want to bring an evening gown to Dubai? After all, it’s the biggest mall in the world, and shopping there will be a huge pleasure. You can read dozens of rules on how to pack your suitcase compactly, but if you’re trying to take your entire apartment with you, they won’t help.


If you want to understand how to properly pack a suitcase for a trip, then present it step by step. So you will understand exactly what should go in the luggage, and what must stay at home. When choosing specific closet items, make sure they match each other so you can put together a spectacular outfit with as few items as possible. Be sure to check the weather forecast. You might even need a raincoat at sea. Make a separate list of things that are easier to buy locally; it will help you save space.

How to Pack a Suitcase Correctly So That Everything Will Fit: 3 Main Rules

So, you have made a list, reviewed it several times, crossed out everything unnecessary, put in order the vital necessities, and come up with lighter and more compact analogs to replace something. Now, it’s time to get down to business! To understand how to properly pack a suitcase, remember these rules.

You Need to See All of Your Belongings

Lay out all the things you plan to take with you on the floor or bed. Critically assess your luggage again. Are you sure that nothing unnecessary has gone into it? Measure all your clothes. Maybe something has gotten small or large, or you haven’t noticed stains and holes that will prevent you from wearing a dress or sweatshirt. Put aside what you’ll be flying in. The heaviest or bulkiest items are best for this. Such sorting is vital: to determine how to properly pack a suitcase on the plane, you need to see its contents in front of you.

Divide Everything Into Carry-on Luggage and Baggage

Carry-on luggage should include everything that is most valuable, like documents, a wallet with money and cards, a laptop, and a phone.


Also, don’t forget to put things you might need on the road, like paper tissues, wet wipes, medications that need to be taken at a certain time, a charger, or a power bank, in the bag you’ll take with you on the plane.

Fill the Remaining Space With Small Items

Tuck underwear, belts, socks, wires, and other small things into the remaining loose corners. Remember about additional compartments where you can put something — use all the space in the suitcase. This is an important nuance when it comes to how to pack a suitcase to the sea compactly: it’s correct to stuff everything as tightly as possible. This will help clothes not wrinkle and fragile items reach their destination in one piece.