Nanning China Travel Guide: Things to Know About Nanning Before Your Visit

Nanning China Travel Guide

People have their individual ways of exploring a place! While some people want to concentrate on popular tourist sites, others want to focus on the hidden gems of a region. Over the years, Nanning and Guangxi in China, has become a popular tourist destination. Travelers from across the world plan annual holiday vacations to this region.

Nanning is known as the green city. Back in 2007, the city has won the Habitat Scroll of Honour Award. Are you planning the same this year? If yes, you need to know a few essential facts into consideration. It will help you to plan your vacation seamlessly.

Health and weather 

Most travelers are often bothered about the weather in Nanning and Guangxi. Expert travelers suggest that the best time to travel is during summer. You need to wear a cap to escape the heat. But what you need to get bothered more is your stomach. It might just be a regional issue that comes with drinking water and consuming local food. You can learn about Nanning China weather from online resources. 


The eating habits of people in Nanning and Guangxi are very different! They have mostly seafood. If you don’t have a habit of having seafood, you might get allergies. It is best to check the ingredients before you consume a platter. You can stick to the mainstream Chinese food in famous restaurants and eateries. Also, make sure that you carry allergy medicines and other aids that help you to stay secure if there’s an emergency.

Explore the Zhongshan Road in Nanning 

Usually, the travel guides will take you to the posh restaurants of Nanning and Guangxi. If you want to experience a local flavor and fare, you need to be there at the Zhongshan Road in Nanning. It is a famous snack street that offers you a wide range of street food platters. You can try the noodles of multiple varieties. Take a browse, and you can decide which dishes you want to taste.

Explore the best scenic spots 

Nanning enables you to explore several sites and tourist places! The region is known for its stunning infrastructure. If you have booked a three hours city tour expedition, then make sure to explore some of the best cities. You should have Beihai and Guilin. It is a train journey, and you can research the time and tickets from beforehand. There are also other places to explore in Nanning, such as the Qingxiu mountain, Autonomous Region Museum, and Confucius Temple.

The general ambiance and public security 

It is essential to check the security standards of Nanning and Guangxi. The local people are amicable, and public safety is also up to the mark. According to some travelers, Nanning and Guangxi are more secure in comparison to a few popular cities in China.

These are some of the essential factors that you need to consider before you plan your vacation. You can also get the currency matters sorted. Also, to get your hotel and airline tickets at a discounted price, you must book it in advance. For any other assistance, you can check local tourist guide resources.

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