Mexico’s Big Brother: Como Votar En La Casa De Los Famosos 2022

como votar en la casa de los famosos 2022

In the grand theater of reality TV, few shows can match the delightful chaos and sheer entertainment value of “La Casa de los Famosos México.” Premiering on June 4, 2023, on Las Estrellas, this Mexican iteration of the Celebrity Big Brother franchise has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, filled with drama, laughter, and those oh-so-juicy moments that make reality TV a guilty pleasure for so many. If you’re a newbie to the reality show, then you have come to the right place as we answer the questions on everybody’s lips, such as como votar en la casa de los famosos 2022 ? or who’s the biggest diva? Lets take a look.

Como Votar En La Casa De Los Famosos 2022

After the success of its predecessors, Big Brother México and Big Brother VIP, Televisa decided to breathe new life into the beloved format. La Casa de los Famosos México” marks the third adaptation in Mexico, bringing back the thrilling competition with a dash of celebrity sparkle. The idea? To replicate the success of “La casa de los famosos” broadcast on Telemundo and boy, did they deliver! But you may be asking como votar en la casa de los famosos 2022 which we will get to later.

Wendy Guevara: The Queen of the House

The first season, concluding on August 13, 2023, after a 71-day saga of strategizing, alliances, and backstabbing (all in good fun, of course), crowned Wendy Guevara as the winner. With over 18 million votes, Wendy didn’t just win; she practically became the people’s champion. Nicola Porcella, the runner-up, gave a tough fight but eventually had to bow to the queen of the house.

como votar en la casa de los famosos 2022

Season Two: The Saga Continues

Riding high on the success of the inaugural season, the series was renewed for a second round of celebrity drama, set to premiere in 2023. Fans are already biting their nails in anticipation. Will the new season outshine its predecessor? Only time will tell.

The Rumor Mill Turns into Reality

For about a year, the rumor mills were churning, suggesting the return of the Big Brother format. Finally, in April 2023, the news broke, and fans rejoiced. Shortly after, it was announced that Galilea Montijo, the beloved morning host from Hoy, would take the reins as host, alongside Diego de Erice and Odalys Ramírez.

A Week Full of Surprises

Unlike any other, the show airs from Sunday through Friday, offering a daily dose of drama. The unique twist? Sundays are reserved for the main channel, Las Estrellas, while the weekday episodes light up Canal 5. Montijo hosts the nerve-wracking Wednesday nominations and Sunday eliminations, while De Erice and Ramírez keep the energy high on other weeknights.

Social Media Shenanigans and Streaming Spectacles

Pablo Chagra, the master of social media, keeps the online world buzzing, ensuring fans are glued to their screens. Cecilia Galeano and Mauricio Garza add more flavor, hosting pre-shows and post-shows on ViX, Televisa’s streaming platform. This is where the unfiltered, 24/7 magic happens.

A House Full of Stars

The inaugural season saw thirteen celebrities (Apio, Bárbara, Emilio, Ferka, Jorge, Marie Claire, Nicola, Paul, Poncho, Raquel, Sergio, Sofía & Wendy) enter the house, each with their own strategy and charm. The mysterious fourteenth housemate, Barby, entered on Day 9, adding more spice to an already sizzling pot.

The Dilemma: Choices with Consequences

Right from the premiere, the housemates were presented with ‘The Dilemma’, a series of choices that had consequences lasting through Week 1. These dilemmas were not just mere inconveniences but strategic decisions that laid the groundwork for alliances and enmities. For instance, Raquel’s choice of surviving on beans and rice over shutting the communal showers, or Ferka forfeiting her luggage to save Sofía’s, each decision added layers to the game’s dynamics from the get-go.

Sleeping Arrangements and Personal Sacrifices

Choices involving personal comfort created intriguing dynamics. While Nicola slept on a yoga mat, Bárbara and Paul swapped luggage. Marie Claire and Jorge chose to sleep together to save the house from a caffeine-free week. Sergio bravely opted to go without underwear to ensure his housemates had towels and bathrobes. Such choices not only tested personal limits but also revealed much about the housemates’ personalities and priorities.

New Housemate, New Dilemma

The entrance of the fourteenth housemate, Barby, on Day 9, brought a fresh dilemma. Her choice to cut off power to the laundry room instead of wearing boxing gloves for three days showed a strategic play, affecting the entire house over personal discomfort.

Flash Vote: A Surprise Twist

In an unexpected twist, the season premiere featured a ‘Flash Vote’, where the audience had a few minutes to nominate a housemate for eviction. This immediate involvement of the public added an exciting layer to the game, making it clear that unpredictability was a key player in the house.

Como Votar En La Casa De Los Famosos 2022

Nominations Table: The Weekly Strategy Game

The nomination process in “La Casa de los Famosos México” is a strategic battlefield. Each participant nominates two housemates weekly, with the Head of Household enjoying immunity. The first nomination carries 2 points, and the second holds 1 point. The four participants with the highest points face the public vote for eviction. This system not only fuels alliances and betrayals but also adds a compelling layer of strategy to the game.

Evictions: The Final Verdict by the Public

The culmination of each week’s drama is the eviction process. The public votes to save their favorite participants from eviction, with the least voted housemate leaving the show. This keeps the housemates on their toes, constantly strategizing and reinventing themselves to gain public favor.

“La Casa de los Famosos México” is a masterful blend of strategy, personality, and unpredictability, making it much more than just a reality show. It’s a chess game where each housemate is a piece with unique moves, played not just against each other but also with the audience. The twists and turns of the show not only entertain but also reveal the complex nature of human interactions, making “La Casa de los Famosos México” a captivating watch. With every passing episode, viewers remain glued, eager to see what surprise the show will throw next in the celebrity house!