Texas Officials Warn Students Against Spring Break Trips to Mexico

Texas Officials Warn Students Against Spring Break Trips to Mexico

With spring break fast approaching and Mexico a top destination for college students who want to relax, the Department of Public Safety in Texas has issued a warning telling students to opt for other safer destinations. Although close by, warm and exotic, Mexico is a dangerous place to be in due to drug related violence.

To support their warning to students making spring break travel plans, Texas authorities mentioned a few recent violent incidents, the murders of a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent and two El Paso boys last month. Students might feel untouchable after acing exams, turning in projects and a few alcoholic courage shots, but popular spring break destinations such as Cancun or Acapulco are still deep in drug territory and unsafe for college tourists.

“This age group does not think about this,” said DPS Assistant Chief Tom Vinger. “They think they’re bulletproof, but just cause you’re an American tourist doesn’t mean you’re immune from violence.”

The warning addresses an age group that adores thrills and joy rides and takes pleasure in adrenaline rush inducing activities. That is why the Texas DPS warning might fall onto deaf ears. Some students already stated they are picking Mexico because it is unsafe:

“The scary part is what’s cool about it,” Jen Fomby, a University of Texas senior, said in an interview with MyFoxAustin.com.

Texas Officials Warn Students Against Spring Break Trips to Mexico

According to Texas DPS data, 65 Americans were killed in Mexico last year. The ongoing drug war in Mexico has also caused the death of around 30,000 Mexicans since 2006.

“The problem with Mexico is there are parts that are probably safer than others and people do come and go safely, but trying to navigate those areas is very dangerous, especially for people who aren’t aware,” Vinger added.

But Mexico isn’t the only destination included in the warning for college students. Their spring break holiday planning should also exclude the U.S. side of Falcon Lake because of the same drug related violent acts.