Mauritius, Beyond Dramatic Beaches

A beach holiday sounds appealing in itself, especially when one chooses an exotic destination such as the island nation Mauritius. However, beyond swimming and sun bathing, travelers need other activities to keep them entertained and make their vacation an unforgettable one. From sports to nature reserves and a little thrill, here are a few ideas on how to make your Mauritius holidays unforgettable:

Please Make Yourself Comfortable

Water sports heaven

If it’s a sport and it’s on water, then you certainly can enjoy it in Mauritius. Snorkeling, diving, boating, jet-skiing, it’s all there! If you’re looking for the unusual side of sports, parasailing,  underwater walks, submarine and semi-submersible scooter rider are the top attractions of Grand Baie. If you’re a surfer, you’re not completely out of luck! Head to Tamarin, the one place fit for surfing and have your fun!


The great outdoors

When it comes to parks, stunning natural beauty, reserves, and garden, Mauritius has no shortage of great sights. Go high up the mountains (1800 m over sea level), and explore the Grand Bassin, the lake that’s the most sacred Hindu place on the island and home to a temple dedicated to Shiva. Take a mental (and digital) picture of the Seven Coloured Earth, the stunningly colored sand dunes of Mauritius, and on your way there, stop by Chamarel, the highest waterfall this destination marvels you with (100 meters high).

Seven coloured earths, Mauritius

Photo source – Wikipedia

Bird watchers should head to Ile aux Aigrettes, a natural reserve where rare species such as the pink pigeon can be seen. Black River Gorges National Park does put the “great” into great outdoors, as it stretches over more than 6500 acres of land, offering hiking trails, scenic landscapes and all the fun in the sun you can think of.

Home to over 500 different species, the Pamplemousses Gardens is the third oldest botanical garden in the world, dating back to the 18th century. It’s a must see, along with the tiny volcanic Rodrigues Island, whose capital, Port Mathurin, is only seven streets wide!

Get an adrenalin rush

Nothing like a little skydiving to get your blood pumping and make you scream from the top of your lungs! Or, if you prefer the thrill of watching great beasts that have been around since the dinosaur age, the Crocodile Park – real name is La Vanille Réserve des Mascareignes – is the place to go.


A little culture for the soul

Visit Maison Eureka for a little trip spiced up with an architectural gem – a colonial wooden mansion with antique furniture and photographs, surrounded by the stunning views offered by the Moka mountain range. Visit the National History Museum in Mahébourg or the one in Port Louis, where you can also take in the colonial architecture of Government House. While making local friends, hunt the next Indian wedding and learn more about these beautiful ceremonies.


For the trendy socialites

Nothing says upscale (and a little pretentious) like the Champ de Mars race course. Seeing the horses run at the oldest race course in the Southern hemisphere while wearing your best clothes and sipping drinks is quite the experience.

Champ de Mars, Mauritius

Photo source – Wikipedia

Shopping and Nightlife

Port Louis is great for shopping. Spend to your heart’s content in the modern shopping centers, or – and this is perfect for souvenirs – the Central Market and the craft market at The Caudan Waterfront. Grand Baie is especially popular for its lively nightlife and its fine dining options.

Shandrani Beach

Sounds like lots of fun? Well, this is only a quick preview of what Mauritius has to offer! Get ready to relax, explore breathtakingly beautiful places and immerse yourself in the local culture, then plan your vacation on the island.