How to Choose the Location of Your Hotel?

How to Choose the Location of Your Hotel?

Unless you are exploring remote, wild destinations, your choice of hotels is virtually unlimited during your travels. Other than services offered, price, and the ever more important Internet connection, the location of your hotel is a key factor in your choice. Where you choose book your stay depends on a few aspects, the duration, the purpose of your trip, and your own preferences.

How to Choose the Location of Your Hotel?

The Heart of the City Hotel

We all love to be in the heart of the action. If you’re there to sight see, being in the center might be great for you. There are a lot of attractions, restaurants, and night spots to choose from, plenty of those within walking distance, and there is always a varied supply of transportation options to take you to the other parts of the destination you’re visiting. Of course, it often happens that there’s an old, architecture and history rich center, and a new, shopping and fun one, which you will have to choose from.

The Business District Hotel

If you’re traveling for business, be it to visit a client, attend a conference, or interview for a job, staying close to the action might be worthwhile. It insures you’ll be there on time, every time, and hotels in these areas usually come with everything that you need – conference rooms, fast Internet, business lounges and so on.

The Airport Hotel

This is perfect when you’re in transit or plan to rent a car or as it happens in some cases, are traveling for business – in some cities, there are conference centers near the airports, so a lot of business travelers will favor this type of hotels. More often than not, getting to the airport on time during rush hour can prove to be quite a challenge. is a great place to start your search.

I’ve stayed in airport hotels in both Milan and Chicago, and loved it both times. Early breakfast and airport shuttles to accommodate your flight times were what got my attention. After a few maddening drives around London at rush hours, I strongly recommend checking out Gatwick Hotels and Heathrow Airport hotels before your trip.

Inns and Countryside B&Bs

If you want to mix urban with country, then booking your stay in a cozy, comfortable and friendly venue somewhere around your city of destination might turn out to be a great idea. You might need to either rent a car or make sure you don’t stay out late, but I’ve always loved to unwind in a peaceful scenery after a few crazy adventures in the city.