TripAdvisor Survey Confirms WiFi is Top Hotel Perk for Travelers

The results of a new survey conducted by TripAdvisor confirms offering WiFi Internet Access it the hotel amenity travelers are most impressed by and most often require.  This first 360 degree survey released its findings after probing the opinions of 1,200 tourists and 600 hotel owners and managers in the USA. 88% of travelers said they expect to have free WiFi internet access at their hotel and any other type of lodging. Owners and managers seem to know their guests well, as 93% of surveyed hotels report they offer some sort of free WiFi access to Internet to their customers.

Similar findings were released by earlier in January, stating free WiFi is the top aspect considered by travelers in their hotel booking decisions. Most people now travel with several gadgets with WiFi capabilities and expect to take advantage of them during their hotel stays. 

U.S. Travelers Top Hotel Amenities according to TripAdvisor survey

  1. WiFi Internet Access
  2. Breakfast included in booking
  3. Guest loyalty points
  4. Restaurant in the hotel
  5. Shuttle service to take them to nearby airports or attractions


Hotel owners  and managers have managed to get most of their top amenities right, but they still place more importance on restaurants than their guest, while they should focus more on their loyalty programs and the points they offer for stays.

“While accommodations generally appear to be in sync with most traveler amenity preferences, our first-ever 360 degree survey reveals that there are a number of opportunities for lodging businesses to shift the focus from some services to others to capture travelers’ attention,” said Christine Petersen, president of TripAdvisor for Business. “For example, offering complimentary or discounted tickets, recommendations or even a shuttle service to local attractions or a nearby airport may help tip the balance in a property’s favor, especially when you consider that more than half of travelers say they’ve canceled a reservation because they found better amenities elsewhere.”

U.S. Travelers Obsolete Hotel Amenities according to TripAdvisor survey

  1. Turndown service
  2. Pets allowed
  3. Spa
  4. Tours and other activities
  5. Room service

Not Just WiFi, but Free Access

The vast majority of travelers expect their WiFi access to be free of charge and a little under half or survey respondents said they never paid for this amenity. In their search for free access, 65% said they have used free Wi-Fi Internet in an accommodation’s lobby or common areas to avoid paying for in-room access.

Hotel managers and owners should pay close attention to their guests preference for certain amenities, as more than half of surveyed travelers have canceled their reservations because they have found better amenities elsewhere.

2 Comment to “TripAdvisor Survey Confirms WiFi is Top Hotel Perk for Travelers”

  1. Yes, exactly. I usually get drawn to hotels that have free access of WIFI. When I was in Cambodia and in Vietnam, mostly, have fast WIFI access and a great way to get connected. It is by far, the only perks I think is essential for a travel blogger and a backpacker like me.

  2. Heather says:

    I cannot agree with this article more. As a long-term international traveler, WiFi is essential. I had a long stay (paid by a client) at a hotel that not only did not have WiFi, the ONE computer with a land line was not working 9 of the 10 days I was there, and other internet access was negligible. NOT a happy camper.

    Even the most backward forward-thinking hotels worldwide recognize the need for guests to stay connected for a minimal (if any) fee – if just to write their hotel review!

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