Get the Best Hotel York UK Offers

If you do a lot of traveling for your job or just like to take trips of your own with friends and family then you have probably become quite adept at finding the best places to stay when you travel. The expense of a hotel today can be a bit much for many individuals and families, making you much more aware of just how much a room will cost for your stay and keeping you on your toes to find the best bargains possible all of the time. Traveling to the city York will be no exception for and you can look over the budget hotels in York so that you can find the one that suits all of your needs and has a great room rate.


Find a Central Location

When traveling to York you can do well by finding a hotel that has the ideal location designed for your particular trip.This means staying in a part of the city that is going to place you close to many of the top attractions, the best entertainment, the top shopping areas and the best restaurants. Looking at places that are nearest to the City Centre can be a big help to you since this is a hub for much of the action in the city and has access to public transportation to get you to wherever else in the city you might like to go. You can find hotels near York Minster and other top attractions and of these the best hotel York UK offers will be the Holiday Inn Express York.

Quality, Service and Price

What makes the Holiday Inn Express York stand out from other hotels in the city is that it is the perfect combination of traits in a hotel for the traveler. The hotel is located in the middle of the city and is just a couple of miles from the City Centre. You will be able to enjoy the proximity and see all of the best attractions in the city without any trouble. The service at the hotel is fantastic, with a helpful and conscientious staff there to assist you with all of your needs. The rooms at the hotel have all recently been refurbished and not only feature the great amenities you like most in a hotel but the rooms are at a great budget rate so that you can easily afford your stay. You can even take advantage of the free continental breakfast each morning and children under eighteen stay for free in their parents’ room, giving you even greater savings.

You can save yourself time and money by making sure you have a reservation at the Holiday Inn Express York for your trip to this historic city. Check the room availability for the time of your travel and learn of any offers or promotions running that can help you get even greater savings, letting you fit your trip nicely into your budget and giving you a great place for your stay.