Explore Breckenridge in Style with Private Limo

Explore Breckenridge in Style with Private Limo

Breckenridge is one of the top tourist places in Colorado which lots of visitors troop into every year. If you’re still contemplating visiting this town and need to learn about the town, this article is your best bet. In this article, you’ll get to read about the best Breckenridge transportation options and how to cruise around Breckenridge in a classy way with a private limousine.

Get a View of The Main Street in Breckenridge

One of the best ways to explore this tourist town is by driving around the main street of Breckenridge. This activity allows you to see the classic buildings, shops and other nice areas of the town.  The main street is very beautiful and looks exactly like it was about a century ago. Most especially, if you’re a lover of history, you’ll understand better how Breckenridge was when it was a part of the Wild West mining rush.

Talking about shops, Breckenridge street houses a ton of them and you get to buy some of the handmade products as you drive by. One of the things to look out for when checking out products is handmade soaps sold at the Milagros of Colorado. They are affordable and quite effective when used. The best part of the drive will be felt when you’re in a private limo. It’s comforting and spacious enough to accommodate the ton of products you decide to buy.

Visit the Boreas Pass Road in Breckenridge

Still talking about drive-by areas you need to see in Breckenridge, Boreas Pass is another place that’s not only beautiful but cool as well. The Boreas Pass Road was formerly known as the Breckenridge Pass and it was the major passway for individuals who came to buy from Colorado during the Gold rush period.

Explore Breckenridge in Style with Private Limo

Later on, it was converted to a wagon/railroad pathway for tourists to view the beauty it gives. Many visitors take time to visit the Boreas Pass because it is lovely to behold. While driving through in their vehicles, especially Private Limo, beautiful trees grown on the roadsides are viewed. It’s even more attractive when they display different colors during the summer seasons. It’ll sure give you some butterflies when you get to the Boreas Pass Road.

Peak 8 Fun Park Visit

Thinking about fun activities? There you have it, the Peak 8 Fun Park. After driving through all the roads mentioned earlier, you can take a visit to the Peak 8 Fun Park which is always interesting and eventful, especially during the summer season. The Peak 8 Fun Park gives you a ton of activities to engage in while in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Some of these activities include getting on a roller coaster also known as the Breckenridge Gold Runner Coaster, jumping on bungee trampolines, and a bounce house. If you’ve not seen or performed an activity on a bounce house too, it’s right there at the Peak 8 Fun Park.

Take a Drive to The Breckenridge Heritage Alliance House

Another great place to visit after ordering a private limo is visiting the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance House. This is one of the most popular historic centers in Breckenridge owned by a non-profit organization. By visiting the center, you have access to a ton of other activities like a haunted walk, and other historic walks during your tour.

One highlight activity here is the Ski Through Historic Tour where you get to experience a view of history through a ski ride. You also get to visit some of the amazing restaurants available in Breckenridge town.

Give Your Kids a View of The Children’s Museum

Children can be quite impatient when it comes to engaging in boring activities. However, a good way to keep your kids occupied is by dropping them off at the Mountain Top Children’s Museum. In this place, your kids get to learn a lot of new things through exhibitions and programming activities. It also houses an area where the native animals of Colorado are shown to visitors. Moving from this, you get to see the planetarium for kids to enjoy activities like color mixing.

While the museum is designed especially for kids aged 10 and above, a special part of the building accommodates and keeps kids aged 2 and above busy with activities. With all activities completed in this museum, you can then visit the stage center of the building where your kids will express themselves as the ‘superstars’ they are on stage.

Take Pictures at Sawmill Reservoir

If you love to get good angles for the gram, then your trip to Breckenridge isn’t complete without visiting the Sawmill Reservoir. This is a scenic lake area located in a good environment perfect for pictures. The Sawmill Reservoir is found at the end of a trail and is good for catching breath and reminiscing good times with your loved ones and family members.

Another activity to prepare for at the Sawmill Reservoir is fishing. Here, you can show your skills in fishing to your kids and teach them as well. While fatigue isn’t far-fetched, you have tons of benches around to help you feel relaxed before taking a drive back in your ordered private limo.

Shake Stress off at the Breckenridge Recreation Center

Lastly, you can shake off some stress at the beginning of the day in the Breckenridge Recreation Center. Not to worry, you’ll get to the center as early as possible when you order a private limo service during your trip.

Untitled design(2006)

The Breckenridge Recreation Center building measures about 69,000 feet and there are lots of activities waiting for you. Here you get to use a gymnasium and perform different activities including cardio, aerobics, track, and dancing. Moving away from there, an aquatic pool is situated in the center as well where there’s a spa and swimming pool for cooling off. Basketball and tennis courts are available at the recreation center too.

Bottom Line

Breckenridge is one of the towns to be added to your bucket list because it gives nothing but enjoyment. It gets better when you work with a trusted and tested private limousine service company where you drive around as the classy individual you are.