European Hotels Migrate to Offering Free Wi-Fi

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67% of hotels in Europe are providing free Wi-Fi for their guests, an analysis of 125,000 properties on hotel site HRS reveals. The country with the most hotels providing Wi-Fi as a complimentary service is Turkey, with 84.70% of hotels offering free Wi-Fi, followed by Sweden (82.30% of the hotels), Poland (80.50%), The Netherlands (77.40%) and Norway (75.30%). Top ten is completed by countries such as Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Russia and Finland.

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Portugal is the country with the fewest hotels providing free Wi-Fi (43.70%), followed by Italy (53%) and Greece (55.20%), the analysis presented by showed.

The cost per hour for Wi-Fi varies from country to country, from £0.44 in Lithuania to as much as £4.30 in the Czech Republic.

We’ve recently covered another study which reveales that airplane travelers would rather go without Wi-Fi than having to pay for it, with some of the respondents considering free Wi-Fi as a natural right.

I admit I take in consideration having free Wi-Fi when I choose my hotel in my travels. I find the best politicy is to have a free package — somewhere around 200 or 300 Mb / 24 hours, and with a fee for those needing more than that.

I had such a free 200 Mb package on my last trip to France, and I found it to be sufficient. I mean, I am not staying all day long in my hotel room, nor am I interested in spending a lot of time online, downloading or uploading stuff. I am just checking my email, maybe post something on my social media accounts. Yes, I am keeping it to the minimum. However, every time I simply have to work, and that implies needing a bigger package — I am willing to pay for it, but I don’t choose a hotel that doesn’t provide this complimentary service.