Essentials to Pack for a Road Trip

Essentials to Pack for a Road Trip

Road trips are the new travel trend is days. All friend groups, cousins, everybody has one thing on the bucket list that is common and that is a road trip. Be it all across the US tour through Europe well it can also be in Africa.

Going on a road trip is not an easy task. It means traveling on the word constantly for days together exploring different places, going to different cities and basically living while on the road. This adventure has its own challenges. For instance, a group of 4 traveling in one car for let’s say 15 or 20 days. This will require a lot of packing mainly of all the essentials. Here is the list of essentials to pack for a road trip:

1. Car

Well the basic thing you need for a road trip is a car. Make sure your car is completely ready with being serviced recently, the license and registration, a copy of your car insurance, spare tire and of course your emergency car kit.

2. First aid kit

This is probably another important thing that everyone may or may not have. But make sure you have it while on a road trip. Mainly including the basic bandages, antiseptic and of course safety pins.

Essentials to Pack for a Road Trip3. Technology

Who can forget taking technology of different kinds together in the 21st century. These are the basics but still make sure you have your phone with an update music play list, phone charger, camera, a flashlight, and all the necessary travel apps downloaded on your phone. Certain essential travel apps are, Google map any of your favorite music app, duo-lingo (if you are traveling to a reason you don’t know the language of), food apps, yelp et cetera.

4. Personal stuff

This includes what we generally travel with. Clothes but only the very basic ones, your toiletries, body wipes, mini hair brush, other hair accessories, sunscreen, sunglasses, a small towel, hand sanitizer etcetera and a handy travel wallet you can carry in your pocket.

5. Climate Essentials

This will vary depending upon which region you are traveling to. If you’re going to the beaches, take along your beach clothes, sunscreen, and all the cool clothes along with an umbrella. If you are traveling to a cold region take your winter clothes, an ice scraper, the snow shovel and definitely snow sunglasses for protection from the glare. In this case also make sure your car is well prepared for the temperatures.

6. The basics

This basically include everything not mentioned above. The first on the list is food. Carry with yourself all the snacks you need also pre prepare some meals. Other things include water bottle, toilet rolls, face wash, bug spray, mosquito repellent, travel pillow, blanket, any medication you require, mints and finally small backpack for impromptu hikes or any other adventures.

Some other things to keep in mind is to make sure you know your routs well, if you are traveling across countries, the visa and other documents, traffic rules and rest stops. Every country or region has some rules to follow, learn them before hand and don’t forget to talk to people who have already been there to know about any possible unforeseen events and be prepared for them too.

Now that you have the essentials to pack for a road trip and of course a destination in mind already, gather your friends, book a car and head write out without another thought. Make this the best adventure yet.