8 Month Europe Travel Warning Lifted by US State Department

A travel warning issued for American citizens traveling to Europe than has been in place for nearly 8 months, since October 2010, will expire this weekend on Saturday and will not be renewed by the US State Department. The warning dating back to last year’s autumn cautioned Americans traveling through Europe to be on the lookout for terrorist attacks copying the Mumbai-style and repeating it in large cities on the Old Continent.

Only a day after the royal wedding in London and just hours before the John Paul II beatification in Rome on Sunday, the warning finally expires and according to undisclosed State Department officials, it will not be renewed, as the threat might no longer be considered real by US security experts.

Back when the advisory was issued, a State Department official made the following statement to the Associated Press:

“This travel alert is a cumulative result of information we have received over an extended period. We are constantly monitoring a range of threat streams and have monitored this and others for some time.”

US travelers were cautioned to acknowledge terrorist attacks were a possibility and pay extra attention while on means of public transportation and in other infrastructures that generally attract tourists.

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