As Britons Seek Warmth, European Tourism Rebounds

Beat the Brochure, an online travel provider based in London, has identified a large increase in the number of people seeking sunny holidays in Europe. Their analysis indicates that Britons seeking warm European destinations for their summer vacations are a powerful driver of the rebound in European tourism. British travelers are heading for Crete, Spain, the Canary Island and other Old Continent popular vacation spots.

“During the first four months of the year we saw a significant surge in travel to European destinations. This owed to numerous factors including the economic resurgence and the harsh winter, indeed many people fled to warmer spots to escape the weather,” said Daniel Ox of Beat the Brochure. “This is excellent news as it shows that the travel industry is beginning to rebound in the wake of the recession, and we expect that Brits will go on more and more holidays as economic conditions improve.”

These findings by Beat the Brochure are also supported by numbers provided by the the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). According to Ox, most of their customers who are in most part British travelers are focusing on finding warm European destinations to spend their holiday break.

“The surge we saw this winter was largely driven by people booking holidays to the likes of Tenerife, the Balearics and the Greek Islands. Given the ferocious winter experienced by most parts of the UK this is no great surprise – we are just thankful that so many people had the opportunity to escape to more pleasant climes.”

These facts support the theory showing most European travelers and Britons in particular show an affinity for warm vacation places that are relatively close to their own country.