Best Skate Parks in Britain

The summer’s over and it’s starting to get cold again, but that doesn’t stop us skaters from getting our fix of adrenaline. Local councils and organisations have sprung up involving themselves in the alternative sports industry, but nothing concrete has emerged in terms of skate parks. That doesn’t mean that we will stop pursuing a cause, though. There are still tons of great places to skate in Britain–here are three that you can’t miss!

Central Skate Park in Manchester

Address: Central Skate Park, 28 Mason Street, Manchester, M4 5FT
Station: Piccadilly Train Station

Did someone say HUGE? The Central Skate Park in Manchester is an astonishing 10,000 square foot of quarter pipes, smooth rails, ledges, and spine sections. It’s a real heaven for British skaters being only a 15 minute walk from either of the main train stations.  You can also sign up for a skate session for just a fiver.

Manchester Skate Park

Getting there:

  1. Southeast on the A6/London Road towards Store Street
  2. Turn left at Store Street
  3. Turn left at Great Ancoats Street and continue on Swan Street
  4. Turn right at Mason Street, and finally left at Cable Street

Where to stay: Fortunately for travellers, Manchester hotels aren’t as expensive as others in the country. There are many cheap hostels, such as Hatters right in the city centre that can go down to £18/night.

Bay 66 Skate Park in London

Address: Bay 66 Skate Park, Bay 65-66, Acklam Road, London, W10 5YU
Station: Westbourne Park/Ladbroke Grove

Bay 66, formerly known as PlayStation Skate Park, is one of the UK’s oldest and most iconic skater hotspot. You’ve probably seen Bay 66 featured in music videos and documentaries–it’s famous for the public it attracts. If you’re in for the fame, then Bay 66 is the place to skate. Filled with quarter pipes, fun boxes, rails, and mini ramps, Bay 66 is the mainstream hub for skaters in the capital. Nike has even taken up the initiative to refurbish the park which will only make it more legendary.

bankside skate park

Where to stay: London hotels in the city centre are ridiculously overpriced. The capital does, however, generate a lot of tourism, so that’s a given. Instead, try looking for cheaper hostel alternatives. They can go down to £25/£30 per night if you’re lucky. Who wants luxury when you’re on your skateboard all day, anyway?

Rampworx Skate Park in Liverpool

Address: Rampworx Skate Park, 1-3 Leckwith Road, Netherton, Liverpool, L30 6EU
Station: Aintree

The UK’s biggest indoor skate park is the home to the best skaters and BMX bikers in the country. It’s a tough challenge for newbies, combining the biggest ramps and most enticing rails that have attracted the biggest names in extreme sports. The park was strategically planned and built to be really high in quality. Rampworx will certainly question your skating abilities, and the adrenaline rush is better than any park in Europe.

Getting there:

  1. Lime Street Station underground to Central Station
  2. Northern Line from Central Station to Ormskirk, then Aintree Station

Where to stay: Liverpool hotels are cheaper than ones you’ll find in the capital. The people at Rampworx have combined a list of hotels you can find here, although they can be quite costly. Your best bet once again is to find a hostel somewhere close by.

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