8 Ways to Become a Sustainable Traveler

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Over the years, traveling has been affecting the environment. As a conscious global citizen, we have to think about this. Environment safe traveling has been growing in the traveling industry. For many, this idea might feel tedious or not that adventurous, but who said you can’t have fun and love traveling still with an eco-friendly route?  

To be an environmentally concerned traveler is to be a respectful one. Many questions arise in terms of going green, how, what, and various aspects of traveling. Carbon footprints to better interact with communities and what to do to become a sustainable traveler

Here are eight ways to be a sustainable, conscious traveler

  1. Close to Home 

Fantastic and exotic places are surely more appealing, but that doesn’t mean you have to travel far away to find it. Explore areas near your hometown, places you can visit by road or short journey via bus or train. The unexpected journey of exploration is far more exciting and enriching.

  1. Greener Transportation choices to be made 

Traveling by bus or train not just reduces carbon footprint, but organizations like Megabus, Greyhound, and FlixBus provide cheap tickets. Hence you work on sustainability as well as save your money too. The notion that going environmentally friendly is an expense no longer held. If you choose to travel by car, the thing about carpooling or hitching rides with other travelers. Avoid driving for a long distance all alone, or flying whenever you can. 

  1. Slow Travel 

When you travel, there is a tendency to rush through it and not savior your surroundings. Walk through the streets, take in the beauty, hop from place to place, and soak in everything. Traveling fast is often done because you have limited time and want to experience everything, as the notion that you wouldn’t be returning. That idea makes sense but also increases traveling costs and carbon footprint. If you do take it slow, you absorb more, connect with the communities, and have a wholesome experience. 

  1. Smart Packing is the way to move. 

While the physical traveling aspect of carbon footprint is to be worked on, the other things you need to concentrate on are the items you must carry. When we say this, we mean objects that define a sustainable journey. 

  • Water Filter – Many places don’t provide potable water; this means that you would be purchasing single-use plastic a lot. There you should invest in SteriPen or any such products that purify your water. This means you can fill your water on the go from various drinking points. 
  • Water bottle reusable – Carry a durable water bottle, so that you can fill the water from multiple drinking fountains and with the purifier have safe drinking water. This decision reduces the need to purchase single used plastic bottles. 
  • An extra tote bag – Having an additional tote or sack bag means that you don’t have to buy a plastic bag. It also means that you don’t have to take one to carry the things you shop like grocery, clothes, or anything else. 
  • Menstrual Cup – As a female traveler, other menstrual products create a lot of wastage that isn’t environmentally friendly. Plus, products are hard to find when you are traveling. Having a diva cup helps you prepare as well as make you a sustainable traveler.
  • Cutlery – travel cutlery like – fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks, and plates. These can come in handy as you won’t need to buy or use plastic forms of the same. If you do cook your means, they have you covered. So street food or making your food you prepared as well as thinking about the environment. Also, pack a small box as if you have leftovers you can put it in the box rather than have a plastic box to carry them. 
  1. Fewer Connections while flying 

When we say fewer connections while flying, we don’t mean human relationships, and we mean flight connections. Flying has a hefty amount of carbon impact. It’s not easy to travel without flying around, and hence, flight shaming should not occur. One can try to reduce this carbon impact by taking one flight rather than changing flights. Having shorter trips with lots of connections, the higher is your emissions. Therefore fly direct and is a better option environmentally. 

  1. Over visited Destinations to be avoided. 

You should try to avoid cities that are grappling with the issue of over-tourism. Fewer crowds would also mean lower prices, and would also not be putting a strain on the local communities who are smuggling to keep afloat. 

If you want to visit overcrowded destinations, go ahead and use Couchsurfing to share accommodation with a local

8 Ways to Become a Sustainable Traveler

  1. Public transport

Public transport in the cities is far more eco friendly than using private vehicles to move around. This decision would give you a far more raw exposure of the town, meeting locals and seeing the city through a different lens. Head to the local tourism offices and see what options you might have in this front. 

If you want to take cabs, use apps that allow you to share the ride with other passengers. Uber and Lyft have the ‘pool’ option in many cities and countries and lets you split the ride fare with other passengers. It would take longer to reach your destination, but you will save money and the environment. 

  1. Local eating 

Imported food has a higher carbon footprint in comparison to locally grown food. Keep the print down each like a local, and stick to organic food as much as you can. You would also be helping the local economy flourish. You didn’t go to Cambodia to eat pizza that you would get back home as well, right? 

Final Thoughts 

Traveling eco-friendly is something that everyone should aspire for; it would be hard to adjust to this idea at first. With conscious changes, you’re sure to enjoy this experience far more than your regular traveling.