7 Ways to feel like you are traveling while sitting at home

Ways to feel like you are traveling while sitting at home

You have either returned from a trip, the euphoria of it still remains, or want to travel but aren’t getting a chance to do so. What do you do then? Coming back home or just staying at home is a hard part of traveling, especially when you are still in the traveling mindset. 

Before a trip, there is a sort of build-up of emotions that come crumbling down once you return. But, you miss the adventure and the feeling so bad, so how do you cope with the travel mindset and keep the lessons alive? While for people who didn’t get to travel, you feel the missing out syndrome kicking in. You miss the travel planning, preparation, and excitement that is attached to the experience. 

There was a build-up for travelers when they went for their adventure, but when they return, it seems to be a sudden stop, and you tend to question now what? You don’t come back with a bang; instead, you return with a groan. 

So how does one recreate the feeling of traveling or the sense that you are traveling? Especially with the current pandemic, you are grounded and can’t fly anywhere. 

How does one keep the spark of traveling alive while at home? 

  1. Travel Books to read 

If you can’t go around the world, the best way is to bring it to you, you can do this through a book. Words have a power of visuals. The worldly experience of traveling and adventures of people is sure to keep you inspired and dreaming of your adventures. These books also help you plan your future travels and dreams by getting new ideas and learning about the place, culture, history. Start making your bucket list of places to visit

Some of the books you can read are: 

  • Turn Right at Machu Picchu – Mark Adams 
  • Video Night at Kathmandu – Pico Iyer 
  • All God’s Children Need Travelling Shoes – Maya Angelou 
  • Wild – Cheryl Strayed 
  1. Movies that travel-based 

After novels, the best way to experience wanderlust is by watching it. Movies are visual representations that play an essential role in shaping your imagination and making you travel through this medium. 

Travel based films are a great way to feel the euphoria.  

Some of the movies you can watch are – 

  • Midnight in Paris 
  • The Way 
  • Up in Air
  • Lost in Translation 
  • The Beach 

Some TV or Netflix suggestions would include 

  • Ugly Delicious 
  • An Idiot Abroad 
  • The Motorcycle Diary 
  • Dark Tourist 
  • The Long Way Round 
  • Departures 
  1. Plan for future Travels 

Sooner or later, you are going to get your backpack and start traveling again. Hence, the best way to get over your sadness is by planning out your next trip. You have a lot of time in your hand, get a notebook or a journal, and start planning your trip. Note down the place, the things you want to go see, the historical aspect, and the things you want to experience. Trip planning is not a day job; instead will take you weeks, with the research and trying to get the right feel written down. 

The first thing you can do is get yourself a guidebook, plan the itineraries, look for sites online, and imagine the various sites you will find. The next step in this process would be to lay down your budget and get the destination introduction right for a lasting impact. 

For further research, I suggest you see how to plan trips online and via books, study, and learn the tactics. Check out guides to planning a trip and know what you want. Being at home is bound to form a sense of boredom, and this activity is sure to distract you and make you feel the vibe of traveling. 

  1. Travel hacks 

While you plan your itinerary for the next trip, patiently waiting for the trip to happen, you can spend some time and sign up for new travel credit cards and earn points. These will come in handy when you actually make your trip providing free flights or hotels. You can search for ways to receive discounts and how to travel with various hacks in place. This is the best time to research and apply it and keep them in mind for future use. 

  1. Online Communities 

You can join online communities to connect with travelers across the world and share stories and experiences. Keeping in touch with travelers would make you feel the travel spirit that you felt before returning home. Being isolated at home, you need a space to feel free and yourself again. These traveling communities can share your dreams for future travel plans. These platforms help share stories, advice, trip ideas with other travelers, and form networks for the future. 

Some online communities are – 

  • Girls Love Travel 
  • Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree 
  • Couch surfing 
  1. Travel blogs give it a read 

Travel blogs are also first-hand experience or articles on tips and thoughts on traveling. You can give these a read and feel a sense of relatability and help you with your later plans with their tips and advice. These suggestions would help you make your experience better and help make bolder decisions. 

Additionally, with the pandemic halting the travel industry’s business, by reading the blogs, you would be helping them. 

As a traveler, you could also think of establishing your own blog if you haven’t already. Write your experience, stories, and plans made while sitting at home.  

So blogging and reading blogs can be an excellent medium to feel your high. 

  1. Meet Travelers 

You can also decide to meet travelers near you. Having a support network is critical. You can form connections during this time, plan trips with them, and exchange ideas and information. Online events and chat rooms would help you connect and feel the travel spirit. 

Some Websites you can use for this are – Meetup.com, Couchsurfing, and Nomadic Network. 

Final Thoughts 

Coming home from a journey or staying home and traveling is quite frustrating, and you need support and a medium to let out your emotions. These tips I have stated might be quite useful. Even from home, you can bring the world to you. 

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