The Ultimate Guide for Traveling Cheap


The number one thing that holds people back when traveling would most definitely be the aspect of money. Traveling the world free, and no money can only exist in your dreams. So you may think about what if I told you that you can travel cheap and travel for free. You can travel responsibility and not create large holes in your pocket. With this, one needs to remember that certain aspects should not compromise on, such as Travel insurance. Apart from this, there are various ways to travel on a budget, there are also ways to roam free. 

You may feel we are bluffing but give us a chance we promise not to disappoint. 

The difference between traveling cheap and traveling free is a big one. Cheap traveling is all about the advantage of apps and websites to grab great deals and offers. The mean purpose to lower your expenses. While on the other hand, free traveling entails free accommodation, transportation, activities where you pay zero bucks. 

Now that we have that cleared up let’s figure out budget travels and saving that money of yours while having a great time. 

Travel Cheap 

1. Job Overseas 

The job that you are currently working at doesn’t pay quite well? Why not consider working overseas? There are various opportunities available for the same. You don’t necessarily have to be picky about the same. It’s a means to travel and not a permanent job. You can work as a Bartender, Hostel Worker, live-in Caregiver, waiter, tour guide, Yacht worker, etc.. Be open to the idea, and the experience.

2. Teach English Overseas 

Work with NGOs and other organizations to teach English in different countries and add to your traveling experience. You need to apply for a TEFL degree, and you re on your way to traveling and earning money

3. WWOOFing and Farm 

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a platform that allows you to work on a farm in exchange for free accommodation. You need to pay to get to the farm, but other expenses are covered—you traveling cheap and earning knowledge on farming once you reach there. 

4. Cook your Own Meal 

The best way to cut down on the expense of food is to make your own meal. The ingredients take less money compared to eating at a restaurant. This process also gives you a different adventurous experience. If you are Couchsurfing, your host house will most definitely have a kitchen you can utilize. 

If you find an accommodation with no kitchen, I recommend you carry your own container and silverware. You can make sandwiches and small things on the go and take them with you everywhere. 

5. Sleep in Large Dorms 

The cheapest paid accommodation would most definitely be large hostel dorm rooms. If you do not find Couchsurfing as a comfortable medium, this would most definitely be a good idea to explore. Pro tip would be to consider bigger dorms, as bigger the dorm the cheaper it would be to share it with more people. 

6. Student and other Discounts 

If you are a student under 26 or a teacher, you are eligible for a discount of up to 50%, and other various discounts. Get a card that specifies that you are a student/ youth/ teacher. Remember to always ask for discounts, especially if you are a student or youth, which is sure to save you more money. 

Traveling Free 

1. Hacks and free flights  

There are so many ways to earn flights for free, so next time you say you can’t afford to fly, remember there are ways to solve that issue. First would be to sign up for a few travel credit cards, go ahead and collect miles and now you can fly for free. Many cards offer signup bonuses up to 50,000 points. By collecting points through smart everyday spending, surveys, and credit card bonuses, you are sure to acquire points even before your traveling plans. Your traveling becomes cheaper when you have your accommodation and flight sorted out. In this case, having it free leaves room for spending more on other things. 

2. Free Accommodation

There are services out there that can help travelers connect with locals who would be willing to stay with them for free. You will never have to pay for accommodation if you start using such sites. Couchsurfing is the best possible way, you get the couch, mattress, or just a sleeping bag, but you sure do get accommodation for free. The rise of the sharing economy and new websites have emerged that let you only stay with locals and share meals, rises, train tickets, and more with them. These sites get you off the typical touristy feels and make you more like a local while being free. Looks like a win-win situation, and here are some sites – Couchsurfing, Servas, Global Freeloaders. 

3. Hitchhike 

It’s a medium to get around when you travel, and its a safe and standard way of doing so. This system is quite known in Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, Eastern Europe, and Central America. With some common sense and patience, you can hitchhike your way through and save a lot of money. 

4. Free Walking Tours 

You can find this in 90% of major cities worldwide, you want to know more about the city, and see important sites, this is sure to help you. To find these free walks ask the local tourist offices, hostel staff, or google might also provide you with an answer. 

5. Social Networking 

Using your network, does a friend have a relative in Portugal? Or colleagues in Australia. Vast social network due to the internet makes us connect to people we haven’t been in touch with. Ask them, and see if they are willing to host you and provide free accommodation. Once you start traveling, you’ll make networks of your own. 

Final Thoughts 

These tips are sure to help you control the flow of money and still have your adventure. You would be traveling without spending a lot of money, start planning and get on board with a new experience. 

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