How Travel Blogging Helps You Network Online and Offline


Traveling is one of the most effective ways to learn about different cultures and meet new people. The experiences that you get from traveling are nowhere near anything you can have when it comes to hands-on learning.

Traveling doesn’t only teach you about others and other things, it also teaches you about yourself. You connect with yourselves deeply, you learn about your strengths, you recognize your weaknesses and learn ways to either tackle them or find a workaround.

Networking when traveling alone was always one of the major takeaways I sought after from my travels. Travel blogging opened a whole new world of connecting with people across the globe. While it is an online platform, the benefits extend offline as well.

Here are some very important things I learned while running a travel blog that helped me connect with people from all walks of life. These three things aren’t your general to-do agenda to get your blog popular, they are crucial aspects of building a relationship with your audience.

  • Give and Take – The art of giving and taking is really important to build a relationship. It is a two-way street, and that is true for online communities as well. Solicit opinions, ask questions, and appreciate helpful comments, these help you get on the radar with people who enjoy your content. Everything is important – don’t stop at just publishing the article. The success of a good blog is in its ability to reach out to the audience and engage with them, rather than just push your own opinions.
  • Community Event – Hosting a community event or presenting ideas in a workshop is a spectacular idea to gain credibility instantly. This urges people to take a closer look at what you and your blog have to offer. Being active everywhere is like giving a taste of your personality and content to potential readers.
  • Be a Person, Be YOU – Simply running your social media accounts on autopilot or pushing flowery or sales-y content isn’t going to help you build a genuine connection. For showing numbers, it has become easier to keep pushing content through Twitter, Facebook or other social media accounts to a huge number of fake followers, but it is simply not the right way to do it. People connect more to the person behind the account and words and pictures and articles. They want to get to know the real you.

Final Thoughts

It is a no brainer that networking is a pretty good way to build relationships online that can lead to valuable partnerships, new business opportunities, fresh talent, and the latest updates on almost anything that you are tracking online as well as offline. Travel blogging will take it a step further with helping you connect with people all over the world, from the places you have visited – to the places you want to visit.