Ideas for an Unusual Christmas to Keep Boredom Away

Ideas for an Unusual Christmas to Keep Boredom Away

We all love the traditional winter holiday scenario – everyone goes home and spends Christmas, Hanuka or the New Year with their family and close friends, wearing matching red sweaters or eating the same dishes they delight with every year. While it’s cozy and fun and full of love and care, it does happen every year and some might find they need to try something new, just this time. Here are a few quirky offers that we’ve found for you and your friends to make this Christmas an unusual one.

Christmas multi-sport adventure and sustainable tourism

If you’re like me, when it comes to Christmas, it usually means tons of food assaulting your body in several waves, with the rest of the family encouraging you to just try one more dish. And it’s all so good, you just can’t say no to.

Why not try a powerful workout and a beautiful adventure offered by You can choose a 12 day family fusion vacation in Vietnam, seasoned with biking, hiking and sailing. If you like seeing the world from a distance, go for a 15 day trip to Kilimanjaro to enjoy trekking, biking, a popular safari and a hot air balloon ride. Or maybe a Costa Rica trip adding rafting and zip-lining to the bike and hike part of the power workout appeals to you? It’s all very healthy and very green!

Ideas for an Unusual Christmas to Keep Boredom Away

Giving Back on Christmas through a Volunteering Vacation

Exotic destinations such as Morocco, South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina or Thailand are all about the food and the amazing sights and culture. But what if you could mix such an experience with the true spirit of Christmas, giving to others? is giving travelers the opportunity to both enjoy their winter holidays and spend a few days volunteering to help others have a better Christmas.

Check out their website to see how you can help in all of the countries mentioned above. And if you cannot make it this Christmas, make sure you keep them in mind for your next vacation! There’s never a bad time when it comes to volunteering! And it will definitely feel less like a chore and more like genuine giving if it’s part of your amazing trip.

Pray it snows in Chicago to Win a Free Vacation

Want to bet it all on weather when it comes to your Christmas holiday? who specializes in funjet vacations has big plans for Christmas day. If you booked a holiday with them before December first and it snows at Chicago O’Hare on that very day and you’re there cheering for every snowflake, your vacation is suddenly on the house. Actually, every customer taking part in this funny competition will get the free vacation if it snows.

So if you’re from some other part of the US and have booked your holiday fun on, get set for a Christmas Day trip to Chicago.

Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂