5 Things to Know About Disney World

Disneyland commenced its enchanting journey of filling visitors’ days with magical fairy-tale experiences on July 17, 1955, while Walt Disney World opened its gates over fifteen years later on October 1, 1971. Inspired by cinematic wonders and offering exciting rides, various dining options, and souvenir-filled shops, you might believe you have uncovered all these vacation spots in store.

Yet, these beloved destinations lie numerous intricate specifics and delightful surprises that could still astound and captivate you. Explore these 5 intriguing facts about Disney theme parks that will pique your interest.

Disney’s Main Street is Scented

Upon entering a Disney park, you will likely meander along Main Street, U.S.A. This section of the park, located near its entrance, is not just visually appealing but also fragrant. Main Street is deliberately scented using a patented device known as a “Smellitzer,” which diffuses the aroma of vanilla through vents, interspersed with occasional hints of popcorn.

During the holiday season, this scent transitions to a fitting peppermint aroma. These delightful scents not only contribute to visitors’ enjoyment but also serve to mask unpleasant odors such as trash and sweat. The “Smellitzer” is also employed to create specific scents, sweet, savory, or ordinary, to complement different park attractions, thereby enriching the overall guest experience.

Have a Plan

Most newcomers arriving at Magic Kingdom typically enter the park without a strategy. Consequently, they often find themselves queuing for extended periods at five to seven attractions and settling for dining options based on convenience rather than quality. They often choose Cosmic Ray’s, known for its low satisfaction ratings within the park.

With some research and a well-thought-out plan, those five to seven rides can be transformed into experiencing 14 to 21 attractions daily. Working with Disney Travel Agents can help you map out your visit and ensure you maximize your time in each park. They can also assist in reserving for popular rides, securing advanced dining reservations, and providing insider tips for maximizing your Disney experience.

Avoid the Park Hopper

When visiting the vast and expansive Disney World, consider forgoing the Park Hopper ticket option. These tickets are pricier than standard ones, and if you’re unfamiliar with the parks, they may not offer much value. Focusing on one park each day during your Disney World trip can allow you to maximize your experiences and activities. If you want to hop between parks, that’s perfectly okay; just ensure you factor in additional travel time between them and note the entry times for the second park.

Acquaint Yourself With the Layout

Before heading to Disney World, it’s highly beneficial to acquaint yourself with the park maps and layout of the areas you plan to explore. Identify the locations of your desired rides and dining spots, and aim to become familiar with the overall park layout. Although you may need to refer to a map occasionally while in the parks, prior knowledge of the layout will facilitate quicker navigation when locating attractions on the map.

Being able to navigate the parks to some extent will enhance your enjoyment of the magical experience without the stress of feeling lost or uncertain about locations.

Each Land Has its Own Unique Opening Schedule

When checking the Magic Kingdom’s opening hours online or through the MyDisneyExperience app, you will find the designated “official” opening time. Guests with Early Entry privileges can access the parks 30 minutes before that time. Moreover, the park entrance opens even earlier, allowing individuals to grab a coffee and capture moments on Main Street before queuing up for their initial attraction of the day.

During Early Entry, only Main Street, Tomorrowland, and Fantasyland are accessible. Adventureland, Frontierland, and Liberty Square remain closed until the official opening time. If you qualify for Early Entry, anticipate limitations on accessing attractions such as Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or Pirates of the Caribbean. Your options will be confined to attractions situated on the “right side” of the park until the official park opening.


Apart from the meticulous planning and preparation you have perfected, two key elements are essential for your Disney World vacation: refrain from excessive planning and simply enjoy the experience.