5 Places That Make Mangalore a Must Visit

Mangalore is one of the hottest weekend gateways from Bangalore. Being a port city, it is naturally blessed with a number of exotic beaches. But, does it only have beaches to attract travellers from all over India? Definitely not! It possesses cultural importance and has many monuments and buildings standing as evidence of the splendid past and the importance of the city. There are myriads of attractions that make Mangalore a must visit weekend gateway from Bangalore. Before we proceed to list,some of those attractions make sure you know the schedules of Bangalore to Mangalore flights. This is important because it will be a little tough to hold yourself back from planning a trip to Mangalore after knowing about these attractions.


  1. Gokarnatheshwara Temple – The temple is situated at Kudroli in Mangalore. The temple is devoted to Gokarnath, a form of Lord Shiva. But, it is not any usual Shiva temple. This temple holds societal value more than religious value. The temple was consecrated by Narayana Guru with a purpose to abolish the caste system from the society. This was the temple that granted the equal right of worship to everybody regardless of their caste. The temple was a foundation stone for caste-based equality in the area.
  2. Sultan Battery – At first glance, you cannot find anything attractive or impressive about these old ruins of a fort. But, the story behind it attracts people all over India to have a look at this weathered fortress of the brave king Tipu Sultan. However, you can get a magnificent panoramic view if you get over the tower. This fort was built to restrict British warships from entering into the river Gurupura,and it served its purpose well. People proudly visit this watchtower built of black stones and remember the legendaryTipu Sultan.
  3. Light House Hill Garden – This is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Mangalore. The garden around the lighthouseis said to be built by Haydar Ali, father of Tipu Sultan in the 18th This place is famous not only for its sunrise and sunset views but also for watching ships and boats sailing on the surface of the mighty sea. The ambience of the garden is very romantic and hence is popular among young couples. For the book lovers, the lighthouse also houses a public library at its base.
  4. Kadri Hill Park – Situated against NH-17, Kadri Hill Park is the biggest and prettiest park in the vicinity of Mangalore. The park is very rich in terms of flora and fauna. One of the most striking features of this park is the eight tanks within its boundary. It is a very popular belief that the water of the tanks possesses medicinal benefits and hence can cure numerous skin ailments. The park is very popular among the kids because of great play areas and the adventurous facilities like toy train for the kids. It is also one of the most well-maintained and clean parks in Karnataka.
  5. Bejai Museum – Built on the Bejai hills, the museum is one of the most importantplaces of sightseeing in Mangalore. This boat-shaped museum houses numerous art and artefacts. Being the only museum in the city, the place is always crowded with the lovers of history and heritage. Not only about Mangalore or Karnataka, but this museum also provides a great insight into the history of entire India. Once you visit the museum, you’ll have a long list of places you’ll love to visit in India.

This list is surely not an exhaustive list. There are several other places in Mangalore that you won’t want to miss during your visit to the city.

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