5 Great Places to Go Boating in the Caribbean

Vacationing in the Caribbean offers the traveler numerous tropical paradise activities. While some vacationers enjoy whiling away the hours laying on the beach and watching the ships go by, others would much rather be on the ship. Whether you’re a sailing enthusiast or just love to feel the gentle rocking of the waves beneath your boat, there are five of the very best places for boating in the Caribbean.

1. Sailing in St. Vincent

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Sailing in St. Vincent is one of the Caribbean’s most popular pastimes. Located in the Lower Antilles area of the Caribbean Sea, St. Vincent is known for its coral reefs and white, sandy beaches. Summertime exists all year around in the Caribbean allowing you to anchor offshore in St. Vincent when it’s time to sleep before embarking for another day of sailing. The Easter Regatta Bequioa festival features four days of boat races each year, including sailing, but you can sail the sea around St. Vincent any time of year.

2. Charter Your Way Through the Virgin Islands

Not an experienced boater? Don’t let that hold you back from boating around the Virgin Islands. Embark on a chartered tour around some of the Virgin Islands cluster of 62 small islands before returning to your port of St. Thomas. Choose from a catamaran, luxury yacht or sail boat. Outfitted with an experienced crew, you can sit back, relax and take in the view of crystal clear water against a backdrop of emerald green hills.

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3. The Coast of Martinique

Martinique is the French West Indies second biggest island and brings is a bit of France to the Caribbean Islands. Boat along the “Isle of Flowers” and see breathtaking bougainvillea and hibiscus flowers, as well as banana and pineapple orchards. Take your sweet time and coast along Martinique for an entire week starting in the port of Sainte-Anne and past Mount Pelee, on your way to Saint-Pierre. Stop along the way to enjoy a mixture of French, Creole and Caribbean cuisine, language and culture.


4. Yachting around St. Lucia

The islands of St. Lucia are a feast for the senses. Resplendent with lush rain forests, tropical fruit fields, and the mountainous twin peaks of the Pitons, it’s hard to run out of things to see while yachting along the coast. St. Lucia is one of the lesser known islands in the Caribbean, but also one of the most beautiful.

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5. Racing along Antigua

Trade winds and long coasts of Antigua, located in the center of the Leeward Islands, make it an ideal location for boat racing. Enjoy a bit of competitive sport before stopping to dine along the coast or visit Nelson’s Dockyard–a renovated base from the colonial era that draws yachters from across the globe.

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The combination of perfect breeze, mild temperatures and warm water make the Caribbean a dream vacation destination. Boating around the Caribbean Sea allows you to enjoy all three while taking in the sights.

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