Dress Code in a Casino: Features and Recommendations

Dress Code in a Casino

The atmosphere of the casinos without verification of Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, and Macau has always been associated with luxury, glamour, and exquisite outfits, however, over time, dress code requirements began to soften, especially with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, when there were nowhere to walk dresses, and everyone game has moved online.

Dress Code For Women

For women, a trip to the casino has long been a reason to fork out for a spectacular new dress and high heels. Despite the fact that in Estonia (and in the Baltic countries as a whole) there is, frankly, no dress code in the casino – you can even come in jeans and a T-shirt – in other countries, you should pay a little more attention to your appearance. If there is no desire to dress up like on the red carpet, there is a win-win compromise: we combine elegance with comfort.

Perfect for a casual maxi dress or a pencil skirt in the summer – a dress with a floral print and low-heeled sandals. Flat shoes are also appropriate – these can be pumps, ballet flats, or boots, but not sneakers and sneakers. If you want to look like a Hollywood diva, then a party dress in some classic color is always welcome: black, dark red, or dark blue.

Dress Code For Men

Sportswear or too “relaxed” clothes in the casino are still inappropriate (not in Estonia), but it is also not necessary to play James Bond. Smart casual wear is more than acceptable in most casinos, with 20 free spins on registration no deposit these days, and you can even wear straight-leg jeans with peace of mind. Wear oxfords and a polo or dress shirt for a casual yet presentable look.

If you frequent the more expensive establishments (or just want to dress up for a special night out), you can simply wear a button-down shirt and a pair of dark trousers. Again, elegant oxford shoes are the perfect accent to your look, which can also be completed with a tie or a semi-formal fitted blazer. And the last tip: do not be afraid of the contrast in the colors of the shirt and trousers. In 2021, the rules associated with avoiding clashing colors and bright colors were almost a thing of the past, so be bolder in expressing your personality and being creative.

Outfit Traditions in Different Countries

Today, the industry attitude towards the dress code is much more democratic: in an effort to expand the target audience, gambling companies offer a variety of formats, so in many modern casinos, you can meet people in T-shirts and shorts. But some casinos still hold the bar and impose certain requirements on the appearance of their visitors. In Europe, the situation is more conservative, and many establishments still have a formal dress code, the violation of which prevents you from entering the gaming hall. To visit a casino in the Old World, you should choose a black tie dress code: a classic suit or tuxedo for a man, an evening dress, and heels for a woman.

Dress Code in a Casino

Even more serious approach in Asian casinos. If you decide to play poker somewhere in Macau, be prepared to dress up like a red carpet. Most luxury casinos in Europe and Asia have a formalized dress code that you should familiarize yourself with before visiting to be allowed inside.

How to Dress in USA Casinos

As for America, the situation here is much more democratic. Both gambling capitals of the USA – Las Vegas and New Jersey – are quite lenient on the dress code, especially during the day. Here you can meet people in the most simple and comfortable clothes:

  • shorts or jeans;
  • blouses or jumpers;
  • sports collared shirts and T-shirts.

All of this is acceptable for both women and men. In the evening, the requirements are somewhat tightened. A moratorium is being introduced on shorts – most casinos will expect at least a smart casual dress code from their visitors: classic jeans, trousers, blouses, skirts, dresses, shirts, jackets, and, of course, suits.

Dress Code in a Casino

At the same time, gambling establishments in the USA also take traditions seriously and expect players to comply with the classic dress code. If we talk about temples of luxury, like the famous Bellagio casino from the robbery movie mentioned above, it would be appropriate to focus more on the conservative approaches of Europe and Asia. For such establishments, their reputation and status are very important – they spend a lot of money on the atmosphere of chic in their halls, so they do not want to spoil it with visitors in casual clothes. Although most American casinos have abandoned the formal dress code, and you will most likely be allowed into the Bellagio in shorts and a T-shirt, you will most likely not be comfortable among men in tuxedos and women in luxurious evening dresses in this form.


Popular culture – whether it’s another series of adventures of 007 or the exciting heists of Danny Ocean’s friends – has formed an enduring image of gambling as luxurious and stylish entertainment. This is not surprising because these are the traditions of gambling.