Trip to Amalfi Coast, Italy – Places to visit and things to do

Amalfi Coast

With holidays coming up, everyone plans for new places to visit. Once such place that took my breath away, where I have been to my last holiday, was Amalfi Coast in Italy. I would definitely recommend you to visit this place at least once.

It is south from Naples, and the three island outposts that have been an attraction for visitors since Roman times – Capri, Ischial, and Procida, are all so worth visiting. Think about how beautiful and soothing the environment is going to be.

Because this place is a tourist magnet, you have to be swift with your planning process. Avoid going on the busy months, getting a booking for anything is next to impossible. A lot of hotels, restaurants, and attractions are closed from November to Easter. You should avoid going in the summer (July and August) because the narrow coastal roads get clogged and the temperature rises a lot, it is not pleasant for a lot of people. The best time to visit Amalfi coast is spring and autumn. Even after that summers are usually the busy months, so if you want to visit during summer, you will have to book everything way ahead.

Some highlights of the Amalfi Coast that you shouldn’t miss

Like always, I do have my favorites when it comes to visiting a place. This time I liked a lot of attractions I visited and the activities I did.

Places to Visit:

  • Sorrento – for the charming fishing village that is down below.
  • Positano – for beautiful geography and colorful houses.
  • Ravello – for hilltop garden paradise and music festivals.
  • Pompeii – for the ancient Rome streets and villas.
  • Capri – for the beauty and Roman villa through a terraced countryside.
  • Sentiero Degli Dei – for the hike to the legendary Path of the Gods.

Activities to do:

  • Hiring a yacht – Have you ever dreamed of having your own yacht and sailing on it, feeling the wind in your hair and sipping your champagne, feeling like a millionaire? Now’s your chance, the advantage of visiting a coastal region with Luxury yacht rental. Amalfi Coast has some great yacht and excursion services for you to choose from.
  • Swimming – Now, going to a coastal region and not going for a swim isn’t smart. With the excursion trips, you can also go for snorkeling and scuba diving. If you haven’t done scuba diving before, I highly recommend it. The local centers will guide you through everything.
  • Eating the local cuisine, especially seafood – I don’t even have to tell you why. Just taste all the dishes you can.

Honestly, I would recommend going there, just to experience the scenic beauty that this place has to offer, all the activities and the food is the added bonus. Every place, every island has something to offer, something worth experiencing. If you do visit, don’t forget to share your experience with me and also pictures of your trip. I would love to have a discussion about how much you enjoyed or the little somethings you experienced.