4 Great Gadgets to Gift to the Traveler in Your Life


Last week, I talked about two unique travel electronics that could make traveling safer for us. That got me started on this article already. These are gadgets that have changed my life and my traveling experience. Anything that makes little things easier adds up to giving you the best experience.

This being holiday season, I thought that these would make perfect gifts for any traveler who doesn’t have one already or is embarking on their first travel journey. They are also perfect for people traveling alone because when you are traveling alone, you have to take extra measures to make your journey smoother.

1. Charging Phone Case

Phones have become an integral part of our daily lives, it doesn’t change when you go visit a different country. Especially when traveling alone, the phone becomes more of a necessity. Having a charger means nothing if you can’t find a plug point.

Finding a charging station when traveling is a true pain in the you-know-where. Because of this power banks are great. If you want to be sleeker and not be carrying more cables than necessary when you are out and about, then charging phone cases are the way to go.

Get a phone case that fits your phone model and is waterproof. Most are designed to be waterproof, but be extra sure. Charging phone cases come with built-in power bank and make your life so much easier when you are doing tourist things.

2. Tracking Device

Tourists are easy targets for pick-pocketers and thieves because they do not know the local area and also are nervous about being in a completely unknown place. Their curiosity and awe of a new place are often taken advantage of by people with malicious intent.

One trick to being safe from that is to not dressing like an obvious tourist. A tracking device will help you quickly locate your lost item. Add a tracking device to your luggage, wallet, phone, and cameras – they are the most stolen items. While at it, don’t forget your keys either.

3. Universal Power Adapter

Upgrade your power adapters to the modern ones that take all the worries about different voltages away. Now, you might have one that will help you by adapting prongs and help you connect to the power outlet of another country, but if you are clueless about the voltage differences then there are high chances of your gadgets getting fried.

Latest adapters provide you with prong adaptability and also convert power to adjust the spike or fall in voltages that are set by other country standards. It will convert the voltage in the input needed for your particular device.

This is one of the most useful and much-needed little gadgets that anyone visiting other countries should have. Get one for yourself while you are getting a gift for someone else.

4. E-Reader

When traveling alone, it is easy to be bored, so carrying your own entertainment options is a great idea. While watching movies and shows on the plane journey is a great idea, so is reading. But, who wants to lug heavy books around, so an e-reader is your best bet.

You get so many reading options in one device, it saves space while not compromising on the options. You can also learn about the history of the place you are visiting, or some key phrases if the country has a different language that you don’t understand at all. 

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of latest gadgets that can make someone’s life easier, but to give a gift of value, think about what the person needs the most. 

If they are traveling for the first time, then the universal power adapter and charging phone case are great options. If they love to read and don’t own an e-reader, that is a great option. If they are careless and keep losing things, then the tracking device is the best. 

Think about the person and their needs and I am sure you will find something perfect to make their traveling life easier.

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