5 Must-Have Travel Electronics for Travel Bloggers

bed laptop

If you are a travel blogger and have the wonderful opportunity to work from wherever you are, and also can write off your travels as a work expense, then congratulations! If you are someone walking the path to reach there, then welcome!

Today, I am going to be talking about five essential electronics you must-have in order to make it as a travel blogger, and I will also talk about what to consider while choosing those products.

1. Laptop

If you are going to be away for a while, a laptop becomes a necessity. You might have saved up enough to sustain you on your trip but have a side hustle doesn’t hurt. You can use your laptop to run a travel blog or freelance. It is also a great entertainment option to watch TV shows and movies while traveling. You also use it to stay connected with friends and family. When your phone and camera storage runs out from all the pictures and videos you take of the places, you can quickly transfer it to your laptop. Just remember to get a light-weight laptop like a MacBook Air.

2. Kindle

If you like to read or would want to start, investing in a Kindle is a smart idea. It is easier than either carrying around books or buying books and ditching them as you go. It is cost-effective in the long run and saves a ton of space, plus you have a huge collection at your fingertips. You will always have something to read. You can also read up any books that are available about the place you are visiting or can try to learn the local language. Knowledge never hurt anyone.

3. Portable External Hard Drives

If you travel a lot and travel blogging is your job, then you are bound to have millions of photos and videos that you keep transferring from your phone and camera. But, your laptop has limited storage too and taking up a lot can start affecting its performance. An external hard disk drive is essential to keep your digital life more organized and clutter-free.

4. Camera

One of the obvious gadgets to carry. With professionalism, it is important to maintain the quality of the images you take. As important that is, it is also important to understand that you can’t keep lugging your DSLR around everywhere you go. Get a camera like Sony Nex-6 that gives you DSLR like quality but is very light-weight and compact. If you have an iPhone, then you don’t even need to carry a camera, and you will be sorted well enough.

5. Basic Mobile Phone

While we love our gadgets to be latest and updated, sometimes, old is really gold. I am not telling you to switch your current Android or iPhone. Just carry an extra like the basic Nokia phone. You know how easily the battery dies with our constant use of your phones. Having a basic phone helps you stay connected all the time. In case of emergency, you will always have a way to contact someone. I cannot stress the importance of this one enough in regards to functionality and safety.

Also, I haven’t mentioned charges and USB cables for everything, but that is a given, right? Remember to check all the wires you are going to be carrying. Take the right one. I have made the mistake of carrying the wrong one once. So, don’t be like me. Be smart!