10 Best Things to do in Florida

3 Things You Need to Know to Travel on a Budget to Florida’s Panhandle

Florida is the southeastern state in the US that is filled with a lot of attractions. With miles of beaches, amusement parks, and national attractions, it is considered as the most beautiful state in the US. Thousands of tourists visit the state to experience the best of this place. The coastal area covers 1,300 miles of the state along with lakes, fishing ponds, and swamplands, making them primary attractions. This adds another reason why many people love Florida. Even if you visit Florida, you can easily find numerous venues without a tour guide. 

Culture and ethnicity also play a great role in making the state even brighter. Apart from the natural environment, Florida has different museums, art galleries, and restaurants with peaceful vibes. You can easily find hotel deals in Kissimmee Florida to enjoy your vacations with loved ones. The state offers you the opportunities to the vast safari parks and barrier reefs for the wild nature lovers. There are countless swimming pools and swamplands, where you can experience the wild gators in their habitats. We have discovered 10 phenomenal things for you to do during your visit to Florida.


If you are considering an outdoor attraction in Florida, then the Dry Tortugas national park is the prime location. The park consists of 100 square miles of water and beach. Now the fun part is that it has seven small islands, where you can enjoy the fullest of the trip. 

According to the visitor’s reviews, the park is one of the most remote places in Florida, that has the historic Fort Jefferson. The water on the islands is not fresh, which is why it is called Dry Tortugas. 


The Everglade National Park is primed by the professional environmentalist and is considered as the second-largest park in the state after the Yellowstone. The park is well known for the lotus water streams and other aquatic plants. The park was initially managed by government officials. Then it was later returned to the national environmentalist to control the natural habitat along with the extensive plant care. 

The park consists of more than 2000 square miles of marshes and swamps for lotus flowers. The most attractive location in the park is Lake Okeechobee which comes from the river stream. You can find different kinds of wildlife like, turtles, fishes, alligators and panthers. 


Bok Tower is the perfect spot for nature and garden lovers. Bok Tower garden is an extensive attraction with a 250-acres garden along with the 205-feet tall tower that has carillon bells. The garden has been maintained by multiple professional gardeners and environmentalists to ensure the living habitat and attractive outlook. 

Moreover, the garden is also entitled to a very sweet history with Edward W. Bok. Edward was the former editor for the popular women magazine. His wife Mary Louise created a sanctuary for different species of birds. Both Edward and Louise selected an elevated area with the flat ground to plant the trees. The sanctuary is still in place with over 126 species of birds. 


Seriously, you don’t want to miss out on that one. Florida has the biggest Disney theme park in the US. Disney fulfilled its promise to ensure entertainment for both adults and children. The park has thrilling rides, challenges, games, and food courts to enjoy. Plus, you can also meet your favorite movie characters. 

Disney cares about the tourists and brought the Fastpass Plus system. The new system allows you to book the rides in 30 days advance. With the booking pass, you don’t have to wait in the queue to enjoy your favorite ride.


Florida has the first Harry Potter World as the tourist and fans attraction in the entire US. The J.K Rowling fans can now visit the Harry Potter World in Orlando. The park is divided into two mini-parks, one is the Island of Adventure and the other is in Universal Studios. Both parks are connected with Hogwarts Express for a realistic experience. 

The Harry Potter world offers a wide range of attractions from the movie with a lot of characters. The park includes Hogsmeade, three Broomsticks, which is a Harry Potter-themed restaurant and last but not least Honeydukes. 


The Florida panhandle is the vast coastal strip of 200 miles with 100 miles in width that lies between Alabama and Georgia. Now the main reason it is considered as the best attraction is because of the beautiful spots for glamping. Glamping is the act of luxury camping by living on the dunes away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

The panhandle has more than 59 campgrounds attractions, where you can easily book your camp. These luxury camps come with different styles and amenities like carpets, bonfires, beds, etc. 


When it comes to partying with friends, then airboating is not an exception. Florida has many great spots for the tourist’s airboats activities. One of the notable spots is Lake Wales with a large portion of the swamp with all-natural species like snakes, birds, and gators. 

8. Ca’d’ Zan MANSION

The Ca’d’ Zan mansion is another most monumental location to visit in Florida. This mansion was once owned by America’s wealthiest family of John Ringling. He was the owner of Ringling Brothers Circus, one of the largest circus in the US. He built the mansion in 1924, which cost around $1.5 million. After he died, the mansion was left for the Florida government and became a tourist attraction in 2002. The mansion has the most luxuriant looks that explain the wealthiness of the Ringling Brothers. 


The 140,000-acre location of the Kennedy Space Centre is another great spot to hang out with friends and family. The Kennedy Space Center is well known for the many space shuttles and rocket launches in history. The visitors are offered bus tours for the details of each site and equipment used for the space launches. 


You can also take a flight to Wallaby ranch at Davenport in Florida. The ranch has one of the largest hang-gliding parks in the world. The park was established by the famous Malcolm Jones who has already flown more than 30,000 flights. 


In the end, there are a lot of places and resorts that you can visit to enjoy your vacations. Florida never stands back to offer opportunities for different activities that are safe and enjoyable in many ways. All it takes is slight research to find a perfect spot to enjoy the culture, scenery, and food.