Virgin Australia Wants Crews to Replace Sexiness with Sophistication

Virgin Australia decided to send all its flight attendants to an etiquette training meant to help them change their sexiness factor and informal speech with more sophisticated manners when interacting with passengers. Even the name of the classes is fit for their objectives – Elevate will teach cabin crews everything there is to know about conversation, including body language, grooming and wine appreciation.

So say goodbye to natural behavior, to crossed arms and the cheerful “mate” the Australian crew has accustomed you to, a more elevated approach will shortly follow. Virgin is looking to get rid of a too informal way of interacting with customers. 

Don’t worry though! If you like your flight attendants sexy and you’re fond of being addressed with the very Australian “mate”, you can specifically ask for a certain manner of bing treated. Virgin Airlines intends to store such special requests in a database dedicated to frequent fliers’ preferences.

The Telegraph of London explains that the changes are  “designed to help Virgin compete with Qantas for business passengers.” As they put it, Virgin has its eyes on a profitable upmarket niche –  they are giving up the cheeky, “sexualized” image of its crews for it.

“They want us to get away from that ‘sex’ look that’s been attached to the company,” an unnamed stewardess is quoted as saying by the Sunday Telegraph of Sydney.

Virgin Australia knows that tapping into the upscale fliers crowd demands more than elevated crew personnel. That is why they also plan to upgrade their lounges.