Booking flights in the US gets more complicated

If booking your flight and getting through the whole check in, security check, boarding procedure were not complicated enough, US has just made them a little more complicated and even less private then before. According to new rules issued by the Transportation Security Administration, a branch of the Department of Homeland Security, starting November 1st, travelers who do not provide their full name, gender, and date of birth within 72 hours prior to their departure risk being denied boarding by the TSA.

The Secure Flight rules apply to all passengers flying on U.S. airlines, into or out of U.S. airports, and over U.S. airspace. This means both US travelers and foreign tourists visiting the US or just flying over it. And that of course adds up to the on flight forms to fill out, tight security (I remember going through so many gun powder and explosive checks in the US on my last trip it made my head spin) and the usually long airport procedure and lengthy booking process usually implied by air travel.

Those wanting to review the new flight rules can visit the TSA site, where they can find a detailed guide to Secure Fligh and a list Frequently Asked Questions about the program.

If you’re thinking you still have time to enjoy the simpler flight rules of the US, think again. Some US airlines have already enforced the new regulations. American Airlines started on September 15th and United Airlines soon followed. Safe flights everyone!

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