Upcoming Annual Festivals in Spain

When you’re abroad and in holiday mode, there’s nothing better than getting caught up in a good old fiesta.  Most countries in the Mediterranean have their fair shares of parties and Spain in particular has festivals for everything from historical battles, to tomato harvests.  Read on to learn about some of the best annual festivals in Spain.

June Festivals in Spain

Barcelona’s annual Sonar music festival now takes place every 17th — 19th June, with more than 80,000 people attending the music and digital arts event that hosts artists like Aphex Twin, M.I.A and Katy B.

The Festival of San Juan begins on the 24th June and is celebrated all over southern Spain by the lighting of bonfires and huge fireworks displays.

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Granada International Festival of Music & Dance takes place every June with music and dance events in venues across the city.

July Festivals in Spain

‘The Running of The Bulls’ is part of the seven day Festival of San Fermin that takes place each year from 24th July.  Anyone can participate in being chased through the streets by the pack of animals but it’s not advised unless you are pretty speedy…

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August Festivals in Spain

La Tomatina is a festival held each year in the Valencian town of Buñol on the last Wednesday in August.  Participants in the festival throw tomatoes at each other during what is acknowledged as the world’s largest tomato fight.  Don’t go dressed in your Sunday best!

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September Festivals in Spain

The Festival of la Merce takes place in Barcelona in the last week of September.  The event is held to mark the end of the summer and involves lots of parades, Cava, singing, dancing and music.

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Throughout Spain there are Fiestas de la Vendimia — or wine festivals — that are held each year to celebrate the grape harvest.  September is the best time to get involved in these and tends to be when they are the most numerous.

February Festivals in Spain

El Carnaval is one of the few winter festivals in Spain and one of the most widespread fiestas the country has. The Canary Islands, Cadiz and Sitges are thought to have the wildest parties but you can expect nationwide celebrations as the predominantly Catholic country lets loose before Lent kicks in the week after.

El Carnaval, Cadiz

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Seville Tapas Fair takes place each February in the city.  It is a great way to get to know this type of cuisine as all the best local bars and restaurants compete to see who can produce the most mouthwatering dishes.

April Festivals in Spain

On 22nd – 24th April you can join in mock historical battles between the Moors and the Christians during the Moros y Cristianos festival in Alicante.

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Two weeks after Easter is the Seville April Fair, one of Seville’s — and the whole of Spain’s — biggest annual festivals.  During the week long party everyone in the city hits the streets for flamenco, bullfighting and a great big fiesta.

May Festivals in Spain

Madrid’s Festival of San Isidro takes place each year on 15th May and the festivities normally last for around a month.  The city holds concerts, bullfights and other events throughout this period, making it a great time to visit.

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