Travel Confessions: Pack Light? I Don’t Get it!

Yesterday, while I was doing some very important stuff procrastinating on Facebook, a photo of Juno caught my attention. She was showcasing her latest packing challenge – different seasons, a need for formal wear, and tons of camera equipment, all for a not so short trip. While I was looking at her photo, completely mesmerized, I was wondering, “How can that last for more than a week?”


A couple weeks ago, I had experienced the same awe while checking out Robert‘s baggage. I nice little bag and a backpack. And that was for a months away from home? I expressed my admiration, I didn’t say that he was traveling with what I deem an overnight bag 😀

This girl does not even begin to understand the concept of packing light. Sure, I travel mostly by car (if I have a choice) and I stuff my Mushroom with so much clothes and shoes, it’s enough for 6 months on the road. But I did that way before I had the comfort of driving my luggage to my destination.

Dragging way too much to and from where I’ve spent my vacation has always been a fond memory of any trip I’ve ever taken. Struggling to place it in the overhead compartments of trains and plains, trying my best for it not to weigh more than it should, never being able to fit everything back in when I left, that sort of thing!

People do round the world trips on what I pack for a week. It has to do with childhood mishaps (my mom would pack for camp and there were never enough clothes), so I over-pack like it’s my mission! I am very good at coming back without wearing at least half of the stuff I took with me.

So my new travel challenge is to change my packing ways. Mind you, I know how to, I just cant see myself doing it. But I will, if it’s the last thing I do! 😀

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