Top Travel Apps for People with Itchy Feet

Top Travel Apps for People with Itchy Feet

To some people, finishing college and settling down for a quiet life just doesn’t sound enticing. One of the great many benefits of going to college however, is the great range of both people and nationalities you meet when you get there.

So if you do plan on visiting any of your friends from one of the 196 recognised countries in the world, here are a few travel apps to help you on your way.

Top Travel Apps for People with Itchy Feet


Although here in the United States, tipping 10 per cent of the bill is a must, this not the case everywhere; in fact, if you were to tip in Japan, your offer would be met with either mild embarrassment or even offense.

With Tipulator however, you are able to work out not only how much tip you should pay by the size of the bill, but also how much tip should be made (if at all) depending on the country that you in; because common courtesy is global, even if tipping is not.

Top Travel Apps for People with Itchy Feet


From an app that saves you from committing a social faux pas, to an app that can save you real money, Ovano is quite possibly one of the most useful apps out there, for both travelling and staying at home.

If you constantly find yourself exceeding your data allowance, then Ovano is there to cut the fat out of your streaming. Though no one outside of Ovano really knows how the app works, we can only be sure that it does; cutting up to 80% of data streaming out of your bill.

If you are worried, you’ll be glad to know that the app does so without jeopardising the quality or speed of your streaming, making it a must have for those with smaller data allowances.

Top Travel Apps for People with Itchy Feet


Though many will have already heard of WhatsApp, it is important to mention this app for those that are yet to discover it.

By downloading the app, you are able to send text, pictures and even videos free of charge to anyone around the world; as long as you are connected to the internet via some form of Wi-Fi.

The app is great for keeping up with close friends and family as long as you both arrange to be connected to Wi-Fi around the same time. Otherwise, the app works in the same way as email and if you want to make a business call, this isn’t the way to go about it.

If you are worried about calls from abroad, you can of course buy pre-paid SIM cards for your phone from companies like SimSmart, ensuring that you are only charged local rates for your calls and texts.

Top Travel Apps for People with Itchy Feet


Billed elsewhere as the ‘Swiss army knife of travelling’, Kayak is a brilliant catalogue of the cheapest flights, hotel deals and car hire prices. Not only that, but it is well aware of any add on fees; so you know just how much you need to pay.

Added to this, you can also book any of the above through the app, so you don’t have to find any company website to ensure your booking.

With a free and Pro App (with the added feature of mapping airport terminals), you’ll be sure to receive one of the most useful travel apps available on the internet.