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Travel Destinations: Canada Bucket List

17 July 2017 Canada Bucket List Canada is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking places on the planet. It’s rugged landscapes, stunning wildlife and friendly people make it one of those places that everyone should make ... read more

Travel Photo of the Day: Toronto View from the CN Tower

17 May 2013 This time I was really unable to decide between these two photos! They are both snapshots of Toronto taken from the CN Tower. Being up in the world’s highest observation ... read more

A taste of must see street art in Canada

5 November 2012 Some art can’t be contained within a sketchbook or canvas, and some people can’t be reached through galleries and exhibitions — sometimes you’ve got to take it to the street. ... read more

Toronto’s CN Tower Offers New Adrenaline Rushing View of the City

10 May 2011 Canada’s National Tower or CN Tower is by far one of the top attractions in Toronto. One can enjoy the beautiful view of the city from up to, taking in ... read more

Visit Canada this Summer and Enjoy the Festivals

26 March 2011 Canada is an incredibly popular place to visit in the winter due to all the snow and winter sports, but many people don’t realize that Canada is an equally awesome ... read more

CN Tower – On the top of the world

17 November 2009 I am not a big fan of Toronto. Been there, seen some of it, wasn’t really impressed. It was cold, although it was late spring, it all seemed a bit ... read more