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Quirky New Architecture to Add to Your Travel List

9 August 2016 The Blue Planet, Kastrup, Denmark This post was initially published on the Tailwind Blog on March 25, 2016 by TheHipmunk. From the Great Pyramid of Giza to the Colosseum in Rome, sightseeing often entails reveling in ... read more

The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

4 November 2015 Wales is home to one of the most impressive man-made structures in the country – the Pontycysyllte Aqueduct. It’s situated just to the south of Wrexham and is a brilliant ... read more

Luxury Travel around Europe

26 July 2013 Ever so often it’s important to pamper one’s self. This mightn’t always be the cheapest option but it’s important for both body and soul to take some time out from ... read more

See Barcelona Like a Local: Do As They Do in Rome

26 November 2012 Woody Allen, a filmmaker known for his love letters to New York City, has been on a Lonely Planet style tour of Europe’s greatest cities. He’s set his recent films ... read more

Top 5 Destinations to Visit in India

9 May 2011 Top 5 Destinations to Visit in India India is one of the most popular destinations in the world. It is a country known for its diversity, which is seen in the culture, tradition, and climate of the ... read more

On Sunday, the Pope Celebrates the First Mass of Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

6 November 2010 A major Barcelona tourist attraction, Sagrada Familia has been in the works for the past 128 years. Although technically a church, it will only host its first Catholic worship ceremony ... read more