Everyone in Tulsa is traveling during spring break

As the brutal winter of 2010 – 2011 packs its bags, and spring break is upon us, travelers start hitting the beaches, casinos, cruises and all other sorts of resorts and retreats despite the higher air fares and limited availability.

“People aren’t discouraged by the higher fares,” said American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith. “We’re seeing strong increases in international bookings, which were up 6 percent in February. We consider spring break is a time when some people travel internationally compared with other holidays.”

For the next 10 days, very few airline seats are available out of Tulsa International Airport for the popular spring brake destinations.

“You can hardly find space anywhere at this point unless your spring break is the week of Good Friday (April 22),” said Nancy Winn, an agent for Travel Leaders/Spears Travel in Tulsa. “If you would find a seat, you would really pay to get it.”

For example, a round-trip air fare to Cancun, Mexico, leaving Tuesday, March 15, and returning Monday, March 21 will cost about $1,100. But do not panic! This prices will severely decrease within a month’s time to less than half. You should however panic about Mexico being a drug war zone and the warnings saying you should not go there!

According to Orbitz.com, a Cancun round trip starting in Tulsa my cost less than $400 with Continental, United or Delta.

Senior Travel Editor Jeanenne Tornatore suggests off-season destinations and off-season city escapes as tips that may help you in not delaying your spring break.

“Hotels in big-city, off-season destinations will likely have excess inventory and are offering deals that will be hard for travelers to pass up,” Tornatore said. Check out hotel promotions in an off-season destination or a city within driving distance. “Looking for hotel promotions like fourth night free, “kids stay free” or “kids eat free” is a great way to save money on a spring getaway,” Tornatore said.

Also, searching for package deals may lead to considerable savings.

“Buying a package deal is like putting a piece of gold back into a traveler’s pocket,” Tornatore said.