The Latest in Space Travel – Moon Trips

Space leisure travel is quickly moving past pleasure trips a few dozens kilometers away from Earth. Leaving environment worries behind and taking advantage of all marketing possibilities, space travel is quickly gaining ground, granted, only in the world of the rich and famous, as the simplest outer space trip costs a fortune, and not a small one! After promises of orbiting the Earth in a commercial spaceship, a new kid on the space travel block appeared – trips to the Moon and back!

The new space travel package has been launched by US-based space tourism company Space Adventures and features a trip to the Moon for about 150 million dollars each! Hurry up and get it while it’s hot, or don’t if you have something better to do with 150 million US dollars, such as fueling cancer or AIDS research, feeding a few countries for a full year or building numerous schools around the world.

But if you’re keen on seeing the Moon up close and personal, Space Adventures spokesman Tom Shelley promises space vacations to the Moon that will take 7 or 8 days. If you think the price is prohibitive, please consider the fact that one space tourist has already applied for the trip orbiting the Moon at about 100 kilometers from the surface, all in the Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

What’s the cost per each tourist for this trip? Well, about 75 million, as the spaceship can sit three individuals of which one has to be an experienced cosmonaut, the modern day, space travel, flight crew.

The company offers suborbital and orbital flights (which is pretty much around the Earth at a closer or less closer distance) zero gravity flights and the newly introduced Lunar Mission. They also take great pride in having already sent seven trips to the International Space Station through and agreement with Roscosmos Russia. This means Space Adventures clients have accumulated about three months of space time.

While you contemplate on what you would spend an extra 75 million, here’s a song to inspire your Lunar Mission dreams:


Photo courtesy of Space Adventures