Commercial Space Travel Will Greatly Damage Earth’s Environment

Commercial Space Travel Will Greatly Damage Earth's Environment

Remember how we’ve been talking about space travel and how soon such trips will be available to the public – or should we say to that segment of tourism enthusiasts willing to pay outrageously high sums for such a space flight? It seems that while closer to us than we might have imagined, commercial space travel would also have a deadly impact on our planet’s environment.

A recent study published in Geophysical Research Letters shows that such touristic activities would be extremely harmful to Earth’s climate.

Space ships such as the one Virgin Galactic is getting ready to use for its space flights could have a strong impact on climate change. The engine of such a machine would produce more black carbon than normal engines. The study states that if Virgin launches 1,000 commercial spacecraft a year, what they’d release in the stratosphere could affect ozone production and cause dramatic climate effects in only 10 short years.

“There are fundamental limits to how much material human beings can put into orbit without having a significant impact,” lead author Martin Ross said, according to the Daily Mail.

What do you think? Should the number of space trips be limited? The effect on the climate would be reduced, but tickets and number of space tourists would also be affected. Should commercial space travel be postponed until we have the technology allowing it without permanently damaging our planet?