Places Around the World, Perfect for a Girl’s Trip

Girls trip

Every girl has a dream, a girl’s trip. No matter what everyone wants to realize this dream. This can be in the form of summer trip, amid your trip or even a bachelorette party. In India the most common destination to go to for such trips is Goa. Girl trips are not restricted to friends, it can be catching up with old colleagues, going out with cousins, a mother daughter trip or even just catching up with old friends. This trend has been growing each day, and we are sure it will continue grow at a much faster pace.

Apart from Goa, some other destinations that have been very famous recently are Dubai for its shopping experience and a tourist friendly environment. Singapore is not far behind, with some really attractive locations to see and then lot of places to party at. While talking about party, how can we forget Thailand. Thailand is one of the most party destinations in Asia, mainly because of places like Bangkok and ketchup. Both are very unique in what they offer. One being a place which are very active nightlife and some of the best places for girls to shop at. Bangkok literally does justice to the phrase ‘ shop till you drop’. ketchup on the other hand offers a wide variety of beaches and other places to relax and other places to relax at. However, in this article, we will explore some of the more exotic, unknown locations. Here is the list.

  1. Miami, Florida: One of the most visited and chilled out places in the US. In other words, you can call it the Goa of USA. Of course it’s much better. It’s not exactly unknown, but it’s tried and tested. Be it the hundreds of beaches even more places to party at, Miami has it all, it’s perfect. While in Miami don’t forget you have a girl’s spa day.
  2. Iceland: It becoming popular very recently and for good reason. It is very challenging find the place that will compete with Icelandic natural beauty. Visit this is amazing country see the northern lights, live in an igloo and play with reindeer’s. Of course don’t miss the natural spa search inside a hot water spring. Make your girl trip the most memorable and unique experience you will have, in Iceland.
  3. Tokyo: Yes, Tokyo is a major city but it is the perfect destination girls trip. What could be better than cherry blossom, lots of shopping and the super active nightlife when you are on a girl’s trip.
  4. Spain: We have all seen zindagi na milegi dobara. That movie have brought Spain on everybody’s bucket list and for good reason. It has so much to offer, the tomatina festival, art and culture in Barcelona, exploring the beautiful city of Madrid I’m visiting the beaches of Ibiza. The complete package anything and everything you wish. So be sure to head to Spain.
  5. France: How could it not be on the list. Paris is the holy grail all girls out their shop. Imagine shopping in Paris with all you are girlfriends there help you select the right one. Places like nice have beaches, photo Florence to explore culture or visit the land of Monte Carlo. It is the perfect place, it has it all.
  6. Las Vegas: When talking about a trip how can we not include Las Vegas. It is notoriously popular for the many casinos that the city hosts, infinite restaurants, pubs and party places. Be sure best time of your life here. Vegas is the place to go especially if you are having a bachelorette. After all what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

All girl’s trips are one of those many that have been planned time and again but I’ve never been successful. So this time be sure to make the plan work while you visit any one or more places from the list above. Pick up your phones, call your gang, book air tickets, and flyway to one of the best trips of your life.