Navigating Oktoberfest Tourist’s Attractions From Lederhosen To Historic Sites


Oktoberfest Munich is the biggest beer party and is not for everyone! Well, rumors don’t have feet to stand upon. Oktoberfest in Munich offers everything from dizzy hangovers and savory food delights to traditional costume parades and family-friendly ambiance—you just name it. Tourists worldwide visit Germany annually to celebrate Bavarian traditions, join the traditional fun games, shop from decorated stalls, raise toasts in the name of Bavarian culture, and enjoy the thrilling roller coaster rides. Let’s dig in and find out what Oktoberfest offers you and why you shouldn’t heed rumors about it!

Traditional Oktoberfest Costumes: Region-Specific Lederhosen and Dirndl

Hello fashion aficionados! What could be more impressive than dressing up for a party in a themed costume? Wouldn’t it be ironic if the world’s largest party didn’t have an outfit? The Oktoberfest tradition has its own official costume: Lederhosen for men and Dirndl for women. These outfits attract tracht lovers from across Europe who adorn these dresses and blend up with locals in true Bavarian spirit. The dress not only makes you a perfect goer to d’Wiesn (that’s what locals call it) with its vintage look but also makes you feel like a Bavarian, eat like a Bavarian, and celebrate like an Alpine teenager!

Men’s Oktoberfest Favourite: Lederhosen

Entering Oktoberfest, you will see Hungarians, Austrians, and even Americans wearing Lederhosen men, a Bavarian dress that has crossed the German border with its super comfy and unique design. These breeches are male garb made of pure goat or deerskin leather, stitched into shorts or knee-length Bundhosen with matching suspenders. The tracht is specially decorated with Alpine motifs and other regional design elements, such as a front flap or bib, knife pocket, and two side pockets. Traditionally, fest-inspired accessories like a checkered shirt, Bavarian shoes (haferl), traditional stockings (loferls), and a unique hat (Tyrolean hat) are worn to complement the Oktoberfest outfit.

Dirndl: Women’s Choice for Oktoberfest

The official Wiesn outfit exclusively for women is dirndl dress. The silk-made costume grabs everyone’s attention with its three-piece design, often ornated with Bavarian embroidery and tracht accessories. The authentic dirndl design includes a blouse with different necklines and sleeve lengths, a tight bodice matching your waist figure, a long umbrella skirt, and a contrasting apron. Foreigners dressed up in dirndls become mädels in an authentic Oktoberfest outlook. So, if you are a tracht lover, get on a plane this September, try on your dirndl, and experience the stylish, vintage, and comfortable Bavarian traditional dress.

Cultural Events at Oktoberfest: Speaking for Bavarian Traditions

The grand Munich fest is rooted deeply in Bavarian traditions. With an age of almost 200 years, Oktoberfest has become a cultural tagline for Bavaria. Adding new traditional events elevated the connection between the fest and local Bavarians. Events such as the annual breweries and trachten parade, the opening ceremony of the first keg by the Munich mayor,  ‘“Oide wiesn” with amusing Kettenflieger Kalb, and traditional beer tents like Herzkasperlfestzelt and Zur Schönheitskönigin. Every year, local Germans and foreigners attend these festivities to preserve the Bavarian heritage and nostalgia in the hustle and bustle of the Oktoberfest.

Giant Beer Tents: Decorated Houses Full of Bavarian Beer

You don’t need a Google map to reach the oktoberfest venue once you land on the central station. The mighty, colorful beer tents can be seen from a distance. Initially, starting from Beer stalls, these tents have a long history. The 17 large and 21 small tents are historic benchmarks at Theresienwiese, which have served Oktoberfest guests for decades.


Every tent carries a unique ambiance, varying in structural design, beer menu, music options, and the culinary types served at the tent. The world-famous Bavarian brewed beer with alcohol content from 5.8 to 6.4% is served at your tables by the ‘beer maidens.’ But remember that continuous beer mugs can leave you on “Kotzhügel” (Puke Hill). So it is better to eat some Bavarian food and roam around in the amusement park to see the rest of the attractions at Oktoberfest.

If you are a social bee, these tents are where you can meet new friends and nationals from across the world. From the largest Hofbräu-Festzelt to the smallest Käfer’s Wies’n-Schänke, every beer tent has one motto: “Serve the guests with a smile.”

Alpine Culinary Delights: Traditional Bavarian Taste Buds

Don’t you worry, foodies! Bavarians wouldn’t let you puke on the ground. Oktoberfest unique food options help you mitigate your beer hangover. Not only these tasty delights would savor your taste buds, but land some extra calories, charging your enthusiasm. Every recipe reflects Bavarian culinary art and cookery, whether the crispy spicy Hendl or the soft pretzel.

Visitors try everything on the menu, from fast-food options like Herringsbrötchen (German Herring Sandwich) and Käsespätzle (Cheesy Pasta) to Wiesn snacks including Bierrettich (Beer Radish) and Weißwurst (Bavarian White Sausages). But who can try every option with several liters of beer in the belly? So, leave room for these delicious Bavarian dishes to enjoy Oktoberfest to its fullest!

Amusement Parks, Fun Games, and Bird Whistlers

The amusement park is away from the beer steins and food stalls, where the super energetic stomachs get on a rollercoaster ride. The daring Todeswand, with a 12-meter death well, presents a breathtaking bike and go-karts stunts. Another adrenaline booster is Zugspitzbahn, the fast caterpillar ride with swinging cars and steep hills, which is children’s favorite. All those thrills aside, the super fun Ferris wheel is everyone’s favorite. Who stays last on a giant rolling wheel wins the game.


Not only this, but there are also traditional fun games at Oktoberfest. The famous Stein holding “Masskrugstemmen” game is played in tents. The person who holds the beer stein at arm’s length for a longer period is declared the winner. Another exciting game where the gym rats try on their muscles is “Hau den Lukas.” The harder you strike, the greater the chance is to ring the bell at the top. Remember, a woman can beat a strong man if she can hit that button at the right angle!

A small stall near the statue of Bavaria holds the Munich Vogelpfeifer (bird whistlers), which provided good entertainment with funny whistlers and Bavarian jokes. The chirping of Birds has been a Bavarian tradition for a long time. Kids gather around the stall to hear funny tales and bird chirpings.

Historic Sites at Oktoberfest: A Treat to History Buffs

Starting off in 1810, Oktoberfest itself is a historic event. Wiesn has your back if you are a history student and want a history ride while holding a beer stein. Here are some of the historic sites at Oktoberfest:

Statue of Bavaria

Crafted by Ludwig Michael Schwanthaler, the bronze-sand cast statue is a female personification of Bavarian lands. The lion standing beside the lady shows Bavaria’s strength, while the wreath of oak leaves in her left hand shows Bavaria’s natural landscapes and growth. It was erected and opened in 1850. It’s a great site to visit at Oktoberfest.

Hall of Fame (Ruhmeshalle)

Behind the statue of Bavaria is the open-air colonnade, which houses famous Bavarians who contributed to the country’s rich traditions and overall growth. The 68-meter-long Kelheim limestone building was constructed in 1853 and designed by Leo-Von-Klenze. You can have first-hand experience with Bavarian stars from the past, including Ludwig I, Albrecht Durer, Maximilian I, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Richard Wagner, and many more!

Shopping and Souvenirs: Europeans Favourite Hobby!

It isn’t a fun trip if you can’t show off your experience with buddies at home. Oktoberfest keepsake braggs about your time at Wiesn. From lovely gingerbread heads (Lebkuchenherz) and Oktoberfest original steins to clothespins, or “Glupperl,” and funny “Hendl hat,” every souvenir elevates your adventure at Wiesn. If you have an empty wall at home, you can take a customized picture from a Royal Bavarian Court Photographer and keep it as an Oktoberfest diary!  


Oktoberfest Munich has almost everything from costumes to food and music to amusement rides to sway a homebody for a Munich trip. If he makes false assumptions about the fest, make him read this blog. Get your trip buddy on board, and have the timeless ecstasy at Oktoberfest!