Oktoberfest Tents As The Most Loved Munich Attraction For Locals And Visitors


Around 17 large and 21 small beer tents are at Oktoberfest’s service. Each has a different ambiance and theme, ranging from the beer and food it serves to the music and songs it plays. Choosing a tent that fits your vibe can be tricky with many options. Suppose you are Gen-Z and love a late-night party. In that case, you may opt for Kufflers Weinzelt, which stays open till 1 am. If you are a family man, you might be interested in Augustiner Festhalle, which has a family-friendly atmosphere and extra attentive service.

What if you knew everything about the large tents? Would that help you make a perfect reservation? Let’s explore each tent, from its location to its seating capacity, beer options, and overall vibe.

Exploring Oktoberfest Beer Tents: Choose Your Vibe

While each tent offers excellent services to guests, finding what you want is crucial. This section features everything you need to know about the Oktoberfest Tents, classifying them based on seating capacity, the beer they serve, entertainment and music, and the food menu.

The Giants and the Gems: From Largest to Smallest Beer Tents

If you are with friends, reserving a table in a large tent is the best choice. With around 10,000 seats (both inside and outside), Hofbräu-Festzelt is the most enormous; with an area of over 7,000 square meters, it is the best choice for foreigners as it offers indoor and outdoor seating. The smallest beer tent is Käfer’s Wies’n-Schänke, which has 3500 (2022 indoors and 1500 outdoors). The capacity is small because it hosts celebrities, government officials, soccer players from Bayern Munich, and other famous people. The vibe is sophisticated and calmer. If you want to see your favorite celebrity, this place is for you!

Traditional Vs. Modern: Which Tent is for You?

Oktoberfest provides modern and traditional experiences, offering a range of choices between a classic outlook and a crazy ambiance. Oktoberfest’s vintage and traditional side is either felt at “Oide Wiesn” or the ‘Augustiner Festhalle.’ It is famous for its oldest  Augustiner Bräu Wagner KG’s Beer, served from traditional wooden barrels, preserving the authentic taste of Bavarian Beer. Classical decorations and Bavarian music engage the audience, both international and native, mostly the local Bavarians. The attendees are all dressed in traditional clothes like authentic lederhosen for men or women’s dirndl dress.


If you want a more modern mood, Marstall Festzelt is your place. The newer addition to the tents, Marstall offers a more sophisticated and contemporary ambiance with its elegant design and colorful Art Nouveau façade. It provides a party vibe after 4 pm. It offers modern delights, Kaiserschmarrn” (sugared pancakes), giant black tiger prawns, and traditional food such as ox or chicken roast.

Choosing the Right Tent Based on Beer Quality and Price

Only six licensed breweries from Munich are allowed to serve beer at Oktoberfest. Bavarian Purity Law of 1516 ensures the quality of beer. The price range usually ranges between 12 euros and 17 euros. Here is a list of the average beer price ranges at different tents in 2023. You can choose any that fits your budget.

Beer Tent

Average Beer Price


12.60 €


12.90 €

Festzelt Tradition

13.20 €

Herzkasperl Festzelt

13.40 €


13.50 €


13.70 €


14.40 €


14.30 €


14.50 €

Weinzelt (Weißbier)

17.40 €

Culinary Delights: Which Tents Offer Your Favorite Cuisine?

Oktoberfest Munich is famous for its traditional Bavarian cuisine, but modern food options are also served in many tents. If you have traditional taste buds, try the ‘roasted ox’ from the famous “Spatenbräu-Festhalle” (Ochsenbraterei), which specializes in ox roasting. It also serves traditional Bavarian delights, notably Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle), sausages, and pretzels.  The roasted Bavarian chicken ‘Hendl’ is an Oktoberfest specialty that has been served for decades. Hofbräu-Festzelt is particularly famous for its roasted chicken, known for its crispy skin and juicy meat.


These all are non-veg options. Well, what if you are a vegetarian? Stop worrying, as many tents offer vegetarian food as well. The famous cheese noodles ‘Käsespätzle,’ are a German version of cheesy macaroni. This dish is mostly served at Käfer’s Wies’n-Schänke and Fischer Vroni tents. Other Vegetarian options include:



Potato Pancakes (Reiberdatschi)

Hofbräu-Festzelt and Hacker-Festzelt

Vegetarian Tarte Flambée (Vegetarischer Flammkuchen)


Vegetable Dumplings (Gemüse Maultaschen)


Apple Strudel (Apfelstrudel)


Selecting a Right Tent Based on Your Music Taste

Some believe the brass bands only play Oompah music, which isn’t entirely true. Yes, the Oktoberfest is all about traditional Bavarian music, and most of the day-time, the bands stick to brass instruments. But, as the sun sets, guitars and modern instruments take the stage. If you are into classical music, visit Hacker-Festzelt, which plays traditional Bavarian songs like “Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit” ( I salute our cozy friendship & good times we’re having together), “In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus,” and many more.

Some modern songs are also played frequently. Hofbräu-Festzelt offers more modern music, often incorporating contemporary and international hits. The blend of rock and pop music with Bavarian tunes creates beats that make you jump on a bench. Some of the famous songs are:

  • Long Live Cologne (Viva Colonia)
  • Next Door To Alice (Who The F**k Is Alice?)
  • Rock Me (Rock Mi)
  • Bell Ciao (German version)
  • Country Roads” by John Denver

Whatever tent you prefer, just make sure you are dancing and flaunting your Oktoberfest costume in tempo with the music!

Which Oktoberfest Tent is Family-Friendly?

Oktoberfest Munich offers a family-friendly environment with amusement parks, healthy food options, and alcohol-free cold drinks. Every tent has a family-friendly ambiance till 8 pm. Kids under 16 cannot enter Oktoberfest after 8 pm, even with their parents. However, some tents specifically have a family-themed ambiance. Festzelt Tradition, a part of ‘Oide Wiesn’ set up in 2010, features a lemonade fountain for kids and special toilets for children. Similarly, Feisingers Kas-und Weinstubn has earned the “living room of the Oktoberfest” for its family-friendly environment.

If you talk about healthy food for children, Schiebl’s Kaffee Haferl offers coffee specialties, and homemade apple fitters. Similarly, Fischer Vroni serves Steckerlfisch (grilled fish on a stick), a replacement for others’ meat-heavy options. This tent has a decent ambiance, calm music, and a laid-back setting.

Wrapping Up

With around 40 tent options, finding a perfect tent for yourself is crucial. Each tent offers venues to its guests with its unique ambiance at different locations, tasty culinary delights with six beer variants, and Bavarian music choices. Oktoberfest is approaching, so do not wait further and confirm your Oktoberfest tent reservation today!