Moving Abroad for Work? Here are Some Top Tips for Expats

When it comes to moving abroad for work it’s always tough to know where to begin. Sure you may have a job lined up, and some support from your current employer to make the jump. But in reality, everything you are familiar with will stay here, and everything new will be over there.


This can be really exciting and the start of a great new beginning, but there is important info you should know. To ensure your move abroad for work is a successful one, and you make the very most of it. Let’s look now at the most important top tips now.

Make an In-Depth To-Do List in Advance

Travel and relocation dates can easily sneak up on you. So many people underestimate the work involved in successfully preparing for a holiday, much less a big move abroad for work.

Sure, it may seem simple at first. Pack some bags, cancel your current utility bills, and ensure your passport is current.

But then time can quickly get taken up. With unexpected tasks, family and friends who want to see you before you go, and of course the day by day requirements of your current job which you still have to work before you relocate.

Plan for the Exchange Rate

Another area so many expats overlook is the exchange rate. Depending on how much notice you get in advance of your move overseas for work (and how much money you’ll exchange), timing when you exchange your AUD to another currency could equate to thousands of dollars in difference.

The same applies if you find yourself overseas and looking to transfer money back to Australia. This could be to pay some ongoing expenses, or just perhaps to chip in for a friend’s birthday gift. Both day to day events and major ones – like Brexit that has had a big impact on the GDP to AUD exchange since the UK vote on 23 June 2016 – can mean timing is crucial when you decide to exchange currencies.

Sure, sometimes planning ahead may be unavoidable – and really if you are just sending money for a small gift it’s unlikely to make a massive difference what the price is of the pound to AUD from one day to the next – but when you can, do so. It can make a big difference to the exchange and your savings overall.

Know Feeling Challenged Is OK

Many people who move overseas know they’ll have to have some courage, and look to put on a brave face. This is fantastic, and it’s a great attitude to have. It’s just also important to remember it’s OK to acknowledge it’s tough now and then, and look to deal with it accordingly.

Whether it’s buying an Aussie beer in a pub, a pack of Tim Tams, or maybe just even giving a call to family and friends back home, it’s OK to deal with some homesickness sometimes. It’s just also important to recognise these feelings pass, and while you’ll look forward to a trip back Down Under in future, you’ll also have tons more fun where you are now going forward.

Be Sure You Make the Most of It

Australians by our nature are travellers and adventures. Over 10 million trips each year are made out of the country by those of us from the Great Southern Land. Moving overseas for work may come with an adjustment and some challenges, but it also brings the promise of an incredible experience.

However far you are, you know you still call Australia home. So between now and the next time you’re back home, be you make every minute count in the big bold world out there.

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