MGM Resorts International to Invest in a Project to Lure New York Tourists to the Outdoors

MGM Resorts International seeks to take casinos and entertainment to the next level, to adapt it to today’s customer’s wishes, and announced that it will invest $US100 million into building an outdoor plaza in front of New York City and European themed casinos.

The construction is expected to start in the next few months and to be completed in 2014.

“It’s what customers were really excited about in the ’80s and ’90s- the convenience of being in a single environment when you could sample so many different kinds of entertainment,” explained MGM CEO Jim Murren in a telephone interview. “Tomorrow’s consumer doesn’t want that limitation. They are far more spontaneous.”

“We’re not going to play Frisbee on the Great Lawn, but I would describe it as a city park with a dramatic boulevard,” he added.

Trees, benches, food trucks and shops and even a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge will be included in this big project MGM Resorts plans.

In Mr. Murren’s opinion, customers don’t want to be forced to spend their time in a single space, they want, like and need the diversity.

“They like darting in and out of events, bars, lounges, clubs,” he said. “That’s an encouraging sign for us, because in the old days, Las Vegas was a place where gamblers went on vacation. Now it’s a place where people may go on vacation and not gamble at all.”

As outdoor activities news casinos are more and more appreciated by customers, it is clear, from a business perspective, that companies must adapt in order to be successful. It seems that MGM is doing just that.