Luxury Airlines Fly to Paris from the US

Luxury Airlines Fly to Paris from the US

Do you plan to travel to France from the US for another holiday experience in Europe? Or maybe your friends and family are waiting for you to join them at home in France? In any of the options, the choice of airline is important. Whether being a tourist or flying for business matters, you will need to buy the tickets to get to the final destination.

Do you want to receive the best service and be treated like a royal during your flight? Then choosing business class flights of airlines to Paris must be the choice! What types of airlines to choose when taking such a long route? It can take up to 10 hours in the air to arrive at the City of Light, so a comfortable flight might be the priority.

Finding your chosen airline is sometimes complicated, but our article will help. You will familiarize yourself with the top 3 luxury airlines to use during the peak travel season and stay on top. Let’s see what company will give you the best comfort you deserve.


Let’s start with the German carrier, one of the largest airlines in Europe. If you ever flew with Lufthansa airlines, you must have spotted a couple of noticeable features the company offers its passengers. If you want to make your journey comfortable, you should consider looking for the tickets here. Why Lufthansa? Let’s check the benefits of flying with one of the world’s most popular airlines.

Safety and Punctuality

Being one of the most punctual airlines in the industry, Lufthansa will take you to your destination on time and safely. It’s a reliable carrier to whom the safety of its passengers is the top priority. It refers to all types of tickets, including business and first-class options. Artificial Intelligence ensures all the data is merged and processed to assess potential risks and calculate the departure time.

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Comfortable First Class

When first looking at the seats in the first class, you might not be impressed with the design. However, it’s worth a try because the seats are constructed to fit all passengers. In addition, the width and pitch make the seats easy to manage in all possible positions, so you will still feel fresh after a 10-hour flight.


The restful lounges will ease your trip, and the Wi-Fi on board will make your flight unforgettable. You can still work, listen to your favorite podcast, or watch a movie without any connection issues. Is it possible? Your flight to Paris can be much brighter with the Emirates. Now let’s see what other luxurious options the airline offers its clients.

Delicious Food

You can’t miss the tastiest dishes on board when flying from the US to Paris. Even with the shortest direct flight possible, you’ll still need to snack on something. This carrier will offer you the world on the plate. Various soups, main dishes, and starters for true gourmets are available on the menu. The staff on the board will take care of you and satisfy your food receptors.

Wi-Fi on Board

Have you ever used the Internet when flying? Now it has become a common practice for first-class passengers using Emirates. The company offers a couple of tariffs to choose from. In addition, you can decide whether you want access to the Internet throughout the flights or only get access to some messengers.

Luxury Airlines Fly to Paris from the US

Qatar Airways

Let’s round this list up with another successful airline company that can fly you from the US to Paris. All the modern technologies introduced to the passengers and the comfort features onboard make this company one of the best choices for long flights. So let’s check it out and see why you should include this carrier in your list of options.

Q-Tag Technology

Have you ever been in a situation where your baggage is lost? If so, then this technology will help you stay on track and feel less anxious about your baggage. The Q-Tag technology will never let you down or make you stressed over your stuff. The tool will tell you if your suitcases made it onto the plane. You will have the answers in your phone and feel safe that your things are securely delivered to the final destination.

Comfort Alteration

Do you want to spend your flight in a separate duo or quad configuration? With the Qsuite option, you can seek more privacy during the flight. Whether you travel with kids and want them to sleep or need some space to finish work tasks, you can do it during the flight. Make sure you customize the space around you, order a table to share the dinner, or set the necessary configuration to have a business meeting on your way to Paris.


How to travel safely and comfortably with your baggage from the US to Paris? There are plenty of options that you can benefit from. The article comprises the top 3 airlines you should consider for a luxurious flying experience. Stable Wi-Fi connection, personal customized space in the plane, the most delicious dishes on the menu, and many more features for business or first-class passengers.

You can make your 10-hour flight worth every cent with the luxurious air carriers. The staff will take care of your comfort, and the pilots will fly you safely across the ocean. It will be the best trip if you prefer comfort with the top 3 airlines to Paris from the US.