Last of The Falling Snow: A Great Time For Ski Slope Newbies

That is it folks, if you live for the ski season then your days of heading out on the piste are numbered for another year.  Don’t fret.  Summer should take the sting out a little. However if you have never tried the sport and always wanted to, this might be the perfect time for you to head out and get some practice in.

Snowmass in the USA is one of the great resorts for first time skiers although there are a host of other resorts you can enjoy ‘out of season.’ Luckily this year there has been a fantastic amount of good quality snow so you could just squeeze in an April taster to see if the sport is right for you.

Ski Slopes

As time isn’t on your side, it’s wise to go for a last minute package deal.  Skiing is a pretty expensive sport, once you combine flights with a hire car, passes, equipment and your lessons you could be looking at thousands of pounds for a week.  However this time of year usually produces some incredible deals so ring around and see what is on offer for the last minute Apres Ski Ski!

One way of saving the cost is to ditch the plan of hiring a car that may well end up sitting in your resort, untouched.  Instead opt for airport transportation to get you to and from your resort.  This will be a little more costly than public transport options but will be far less than car hire, you will also have less worry about keeping everyone together and lugging huge bags around with you.

Once you arrive it’s time to find an instructor.  You may find it useful to have a full first day of instruction before heading out on your own.  Of course you may also find that a couple of hours each day, combined with an afternoon on your own testing out your pace on a novice run, will save you money and boost your confidence.  It all depends on how you find your balance.  Don’t assume that just because you can stay upright means you have mastered the art.  It pays to be around an instructor when things go a little wrong.  Or you might end up as a huge snowball at the end of your first run.

When you aren’t skiing, or if you discover that you aren’t built for the sport, you can enjoy the delights of Apres Ski in it’s full glory.  Or you could head out into the mountains to try some other activities.  Mountain Yoga is a good way of easing battered bodies, and you will discover muscles you didn’t know existed.  You will also be able to get up close and personal to some pretty special dogs.  Dog sledding trips are an amazing way to experience life on the snow without having to concentrate on your balance.  There are lots of companies who will take you out and provide you with everything you need.  Be prepared to travel pretty fast though.  Dog power is even better than horsepower.  

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Last of The Falling Snow: A Great Time For Ski Slope Newbies

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