How to Write a Case Study to Impress the Professor



Educational institutions continuously utilize a formative process to review students’ understanding of course materials. Tutors regularly administer tests and assignments to recognize students’ strengths and areas that require development and utilize evaluation results in awarding marks. As a result, students should handle tests, exams, and assignments intelligently and carefully. In this respect, one can write an impressive case study for the professor by researching, reading aloud to recognize mistakes, and being keen on word count, instructions, and formatting.

Conducting Adequate Research

For a case study to impress the professor, it has to have adequate information and statistics relating to the research topic. Including irrelevant information in the case study will imply that one needs to conduct good research on the subject. Hence, learners must conduct sufficient research on the case study’s topic to demonstrate to the professor that one is knowledgeable. In this respect, students have to ensure that their information comes from credible academic articles and cite their sources appropriately in their case study to impress the professor.

Reading Aloud to Spot Mistakes

Professors are keen on spelling and grammar mistakes and may award a paper a poor grade for such errors. Reading the case study aloud before the submission is critical in ensuring that a learner identifies areas with grammatical and spelling errors.


The submission of the case study filled with mistakes proves to the professor that a learner did the paper in a hurry, while the student needs to be more careful. Therefore, learners are required to read the case study aloud before submission to recognize mistakes, and the submission of error-free work will impress the professor.

Being Keen on Word Count

Professors are profound on word count to ensure that learners do not include irrelevant or shallow information. In this respect, students are required to stick to the word count provided by the professor to ensure that they are awarded good grades. If the professor does not specify the word count for the case study, one is permitted to seek clarification. Some professors confirm the case study’s word count before reading the content. Therefore, learners are required to stick to the stated word count to impress the professor.

Being Attentive to Instructions

Professors award case studies depending on adherence to specific instructions provided. In this context, learners require reading the instruction carefully before working on the case study. However, ignorance of instructions will irritate the professors because it implies that learners do not consider what tutors say.

Following Proper Formatting

Formatting is critical to the case study since it attracts attention and makes it easier for the professor to understand what one has included in the paper.


Case studies require different headings and formatting depending on the topic. Students who need to be aware of appropriate formatting can access writing blog and use professional writers’ experiences to acquire knowledge.


Professors are keen on what students submit to them as case studies, and they look at different aspects, such as the word count, formatting, grammatical and spelling mistakes, and information presented. As a result, students must conduct adequate research to ensure that they submit appropriate information in their case studies to impress the professors. Besides, they must read their case studies aloud to spot mistakes, be keen on formatting and word count, and follow instructions to make the professor happy.